Thursday, March 26, 2015

Foot bath detox, what you need to know

I have shared our experiences with the IonCleanse Foot Bath Detox System. Since the end of December we have seen a pretty dramatic reduction in ATEC scores for my son. He started at 25 and at the end of Feb was down to 9!! Anything under 10 is considered recovered. Our biggest gains have been social and interactions. He is asking age appropriate, scenario related questions, requesting interactions from his sister, and giving us pretty normal 11 year old back talk (if that part wasn't so cool I would be highly irritated).

I get asked quite often when I post about the IonCleanse. What is foot bath detox? Is it really effective? What should I see and how quickly? Is this just for autism?? I know there are lots of questions. I had the opportunity to interview Tyler Dahm, Owner of Pathways Natural Wellness Center in Arvada, CO. Not only is she a business owner who uses foot bath detox with her patients but she is a mom of a child recovering from autism. She sees this from the personal and business side and has had a lot of experience in using these units for the betterment of her friends, family, and patients. Don't miss the Detox eConference being put on by The Thinking Moms Revolution tomorrow!!

To check out my interview, visit The Thinking Moms Revolution here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Detoxification, what you need (and want) to know!

Do you live on this planet? If so, then you NEED to be focused on detox. Whether we like it or not, our world has become increasingly toxic. Between the air, water, food supply, chemicals we are exposed to in personal care products, perfumes, lotions, detergents, the list goes on and on.

As Dr. Stephen Genuis presented at the 2014 IMMH conference, the brain is a "target organ" for toxicity. Toxins accumulate in fatty tissue and being the fattest tissue in our body, the brain bears the brunt. And it starts at birth. Science has found over 200 chemical toxins in the cord blood of newborn babies! We can't think of detox as a luxury or just for those over a certain age. In our toxic world, we ALL need to focus on ways that support and enhance our detox capabilities.

Dr. Genuis provided various diseases/conditions that can be theorized as being related to toxicity. Some are:

Diabetes Mellitus II
Autism (hello!)
Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Mental Health Disorders

Do you know anyone with those issues? What about headaches, fatigue, brain fog, learning disabilities?

You may be thinking "What's the big deal? We pee and poop out those chemicals!". In a properly functioning system, with certain chemicals, yes. But, do you use antipersperant? Sweating is a really big way to eliminate toxins and as a culture, we seem to be hell bent on preventing sweating! Not many of us can spend time lounging in Far IR Saunas each week either. There is also the issue of some chemicals binding to our feedback mechanism and basically being recycled in the body rather than excreted. Some toxins hide effectively in tissues and can be difficult to determine their levels using the normal testing methods.

The bottom line is that detox is more complicated than it used to be but I have good news! The Thinking Moms Revolution is putting on the "Your Life Detoxified" eConference on March 27th. The conference is just $40 and has a great line up of speakers with critical info on ways to detox and why it is important to YOU and your family today. The speakers include:

Debra Lynn Dadd
Dr. William Shaw
Kara Goyette, ND
Tami Duncan

Don't miss this conference with informative speakers and critical information to support the optimal health of you and your loved ones!

Click here to register.