Mission Statement

Life on the Roller Coaster Mission Statement

Who am I and why do I do this blog? As you can read in my little bio on the home page, I am a mom who has children, one of whom is recovered from Autism. I write this blog to chronical our journey, discuss health and nutrition facts and issues that I learn along the way, share our biomedical treatment protocol and what has/hasn't worked. I share our joys, sorrows, frustrations and challenges that come from running a home and family and healing my son's Autism.

I am firm believer in biomedical treatment and our son's progress is a testament to its effectiveness. You will see various practitioners/companies highlighted on my page. Along the way we've made some incredible friends and mentors who have guided our son's recovery from Autism. Those are the sites you will see advertised on my page, only because I believe in them that much and know they have helped my child more than I can ever say.

If you are just getting started, take it slow. Search at the top of the page for key words, at the bottom of the page based on "categories" (recipes for example) or through past blogs on the side bar. I would start slow and build up, don't get overwhelmed, there is always something else to learn. Enjoy the materials, ask any questions although I freely admit, with each new thing I learn I realize there are billions of things I don't know yet, I will try and answer your question. I am learning too and am always up for positive comments and new info! I will be attending various events for New Beginnings and speaking at conferences and therapy clinics. My own child's recovery efforts and the education that has entailed has lead to my being able to help others through both my work for New Beginnings (attending conferences and talking to parents about supplements) and The Great Plains Laboratory and even speaking for groups, clinics, etc. to help other parents start or continue on their own journey of recovery for their child. Contact me if you would like me to speak to your group or conference or for personal consultations. Thanks and from our family to yours, may you find good health, healing and most of all HOPE along the way.