Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Goodbye from the "New" Wife

As my husband and I move into a new phase of our marriage, it is easy to reflect back on the past 15 years. As a newlywed, I was made a mother by marriage first. I soothed tears, calmed fears, did my best to ensure that security was felt about the changes taking place. I didn't have to do this, I wanted to. I didn't have to send daily pictures some of those summers, constant updates about happenings, joys, fears, the normal day to day replay of the emotions of a child. I didn't have to dedicate a room in my house to a child only there some times, but I wanted to. It was a joy to be her "mom #2" as she used to refer to me. Then we added two more children to our family. We have always looked at it in that way, a family of 5. I hoped the three of them would be close, one day all they will have is each other. But bitterness has a way of driving a wedge, we've seen that time and time again in our marriage.

As the years went on, the snubs and slights were felt and ignored. A thank you note addressed to everyone except me, ok. I knew she was being used as a channel for another's feelings. I get that. But, after a while of being less than an afterthought, it gets old. At some point our relationship changed. Maybe as she felt her mother's feelings deepen and change. A few ugly court battles with even uglier words directed at my husband, me and my children all in black and white, changed the tone of the relationships dramatically on the adult level. Of course she felt that too! I was referred to as "the new wife", that actually made me chuckle as at the time we had been married a decade! But, I knew it was intended as a dig. Our words and even our thoughts have energy. Soon even my husband got no returned phone calls despite his weekly calls. But as relationships evolve, you realized even parent-child must be a two way street. Sometimes you must let go and let them take the lead.

The life we have created has been intentional. I believe in the Law of Attraction, you attract what you are, the vibe you put out in life. We have a kick ass life! My husband and I are blessed with a relationship that continues to get deeper as the years go on. We add new dimensions to an already strong base. The only times we've waivered were a result of the stresses of autism in those early, pre-diagnosis years and that bitterness I was talking about as forces worked against our stability. You see, I don't do drama. Unfortunately, I married into drama and to an extent, it was unavoidable so long as I was married to my husband. I remember being in the same room as my husband during one of the court battles while he spoke to his daughter's mother. She screamed so loudly that I could hear these ugly words pouring out of the phone, poisoning our home, flowing away from my husband's ear "Our daughter deserves everything and your other two should get the scraps that are left over". Their daughter was in their very small home at the same time, I am sure she heard that too. I wonder how that impacted how she saw her siblings? Sometimes things are so ugly you are willing to sacrifice what you love the most to escape what is not really yours in the first place. I wanted away from that hate, those vicious words, I wanted my children away from that energy. Despite how awful it was to be a part of that, I am so glad I didn't follow through. I am glad my marriage didn't end up another casualty of their failed relationship.

I always wished for one of those viral story-type relationships where we all are friends, share the joys and frustrations of parenthood. My husband effectively got shut out of his daughter's life. Medical care was not discussed, nothing was discussed. We just got the bill. We reminisce with his ex's old boyfriend, we have connected post break-up. We wish for different endings, especially as we know each other as individuals, not adversaries or "exes". It never needed to be this ugly or hate filled. We are still working on the "gracefully letting go" part of years of ugly words and intention directed our way. Writing is one way I do this. I have done this with my son's journey out of autism and it is quite cathartic.

This has been a good lesson for me. While my husband's causes are my causes, his battles are my battles, in this instance, some of those things were not for me. As we arrive at the end of our forced interactions, we can exhale out the ugly, the hate, the vitriol. We can breathe in a new era, new connections with his daughter as an adult. Hopefully healing, mending, and seeing his point of view will be a part of that. The love has always been there and always will be.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Lab testing from a parent's perspective

Lab testing can be a critical piece to understanding and treating the underlying biomedical issues related to autism. As a parent, you have many things to consider when evaluating lab testing, including cost, method of testing (whether it is blood, urine, hair, or saliva), usefulness, and the possible benefits of it. Understanding these aspects of testing is important for parents to make informed decisions about whether to test and what to test. Terri will walk you through some of the major things that contribute to a parent's use and understanding of diagnostic testing, including how to help educate care providers on your team about testing.  

 If you want to learn more about lab testing from a parent's perspective, please tune in for my FREE webinar I am doing for The Great Plains Laboratory on December 16th. To register, click here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mind your microbiome - gut bacteria after illness

After a lovely bout of stomach flu raced its way through our house, I started noticing some of those tell tale signs of clostridia in my son. Short fuse, no patience, high frustration level, elevated anger response, yes something was going on. We sent in Organic Acids Test (OAT) and the brand new GPL-TOX tests for us all. More on the TOX test in a later blog.

Well, the results were as expected, elevated HPHPA, a sign of clostridia. Luckily we know what to do and are on that path but I started to wonder, what had happened? We had a good year and a half since we had any clostridia / yeast flares. And then it dawned on me, the stomach flu. Nothing disrupts the microbiome quite like that little gem. And while we started immediately back on probiotics, the damage had been done. Had I not done testing, I would not have known our current probiotic regime was woefully inadequate and needed bumping. Yes, the behavior symptoms told me something was going on but my lab test really validated that and drove my treatment protocol. This is a great reminder that lab testing is not a "one and done" thing. If you don't test periodically, how do you really know what is going on?

And speaking of testing, I will be doing a webinar for The Great Plains Laboratory on lab testing from a parent's perspective December 16th. I will post a link to register (it will be FREE) and feel free to post questions or message me if you have things you would like to see covered. Parents are in a unique position to really use lab testing to make changes that can be impactful for their child's, and their own, health. But, lab testing can be confusing and I would like to help make it less so.

So, again, remember that illness can severely disrupt the microbiome and often after an illness can be a good time to retest, especially something like an OAT when you want to get a good assessment of gut function.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Vitamin C Moisturizer Review

I know my blog readers tend to want to know about good products that are organic and toxin free. I had the opportunity to review Vitamin C Moisturizer from Made From Earth. I was looking forward to this because it is all organic and made without the toxic ingredients that we tried and avoid. It is important for me and my family to use organic and non toxic product where possible. This moisturizer is organic and filled with high quality oils and ingredients designed to nourish skin. I tried it and enjoyed the light, smooth feeling. It was pleasant smelling despite having no artificial fragrances. It made my skin feel supple and smooth. I look forward to seeing how my skin responds to repeated use. Their website can be found here to learn more about #vitamincmadefromearthorganic.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm6f833a1ef12679fb8cf11221546cd9c4

Monday, October 26, 2015

New Autism Mastery Course Start Date!

Are you a parent of a child with autism and you want to learn about biomedical interventions that have been helpful for many children? Do you want to flatten out your learning curve? If you are motivated to get a fast-tracked approach to learning the ins and outs of biomed then this course is for you! 
My son has been a patient of Dr. Woeller's since shortly after his diagnosis at 4 years old. My son is 12 and considered recovered from autism and Dr. Woeller was our guide on this journey. His experience, insight, willingness to work with parents as a team, and his drive to keep learning the latest research and treatment options. His next Autism Mastery Course is launching soon. Don't miss out. And if you know of a practitioner wanting to learn more about the treatment of autism, this would be perfect for them as well.   
New Autism Mastery Course Start Date!

When Dr. Woeller launched his Autism Mastery Course last summer, it was a huge success, and many people have been asking when it will be available again. The next course start date is November 9, 2015. 

The Integrative Medicine Academy’s Autism Mastery Course for physicians and other health care practitioners is an extremely comprehensive course, designed for practitioners and parents who really want to know the science and protocols of treating autism using integrative and functional medicine.

Dr. Kurt Woeller,  renowned autism treatment specialist, incorporates his 17+ years of clinical practice into a program that could be understood and implemented in a reasonable time frame. The course itself is timely, as autism rates are growing each year, and there simply aren’t enough knowledgable health practitioners to help!

This online course features clinically relevant, practical, and time efficient material for any health practitioner currently working with the special needs community or for those who want to gain knowledge about how to help this underserved population of people. 

To help families struggling with the complexities of autism, Dr. Woeller has created an online, 16 week course that will provide a depth of knowledge regarding biomedical intervention for autism-spectrum disorders that would normally take years of training and practice to obtain. This course will flatten out the learning curve for you to be able to understand and treat autism.

While Autism Mastery was created with the health care practitioner in mind, we know that “autism parents” are some of the most educated and studious people out there, so we will have spots available for dedicated parents as well.  

This course is for anyone looking to implement biomedical intervention into their practices (or homes) and take their knowledge of integrative health concepts to a deeper level in helping these children. We need more educated and knowledgable parents and health practitioners helping kids - no matter where they are in the world. 


“This course has been great!! Every week I am adding something more to our practice because of this class. Our practice initially worked with neurofeedback and behavioral health, but since starting the course, we have certainly implemented the integrative health model. 

I have to say my experience with this has been great all around. There is so much information! I also really appreciate the quick response from Dr. Woeller as well as other practitioners on the forum.

I have recommended this class to several friends of mine and I would absolutely consider taking more courses from you guys! This has been great and I have found myself looking forward to reviewing the material every week. Thank you again for everything!”

Todd R.

Please join us to learn more about the Autism Mastery Course and how integrative medicine for Autism is so crucial in fighting this growing epidemic. 

Please go to more information or to enroll in the course.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I had the opportunity to try Organic Matcha from Enzo. It was delicious! The smooth consistency of the powder mixed well in warm water. I had a much more concentrated drink than I would with just a tea bag. I also added it to my smoothies. I love the antioxidant properties in green tea and this provides that with ease. I also liked the taste and texture of Enzo Organic Matcha. If you are looking for an easy to use, pleasant tasting matcha powder, I would recommend Enzo!

Find them at the website or on Amazon here.

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm22a9911179347593a3714bde1c5724fe

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Percy Jackson / Greek Gods Birthday Party

For my son's 12th birthday, he wanted a Percy Jackson / Greek God themed party. He LOVES Greek Mythology, I mean loves it. There wasn't a lot out there, a couple of things on Pinterest so I had to wing it a little.

First up was a chalkboard drawing for his birthday. One of the things his previous teacher did was a chalkboard drawing for his birthday. He loved that so I wanted to continue that in our Waldorf Homeschool. I worked off of the picture of Zeus in one of our Greek Mythology books. I am still very much working on my artistic skills (did I mention we are NEW to Waldorf homeschooling??) so be gentle.

Since Percy Jackson's favorite color is blue, his mom gives him a blue birthday party so that was pretty easy. Blue streamers, blue balloons, I found some gold star balloons which fit well. We cut out large yellow thunderbolts out of posterboard and smaller ones using my Cricut for the cupcakes. I also found these cute ceremonial cups at the Dollar Store that looked Greek to use on top of some cupcakes. 
My version of Zeus

The book version
The decor and presents are ready!
Paleo cupcakes, gluten, dairy, and soy free. These are coconut flour based and to get the Percy Jackson flare, I made a blueberry puree and it colored them nicely.

Close up of the cupcake

Paleo, gluten, dairy, and soy free pancakes. These are almond flour based and again to color them blue I made blueberry puree. I put some in a baggie, cut off the end and was able to do a number 12 and a lightening bolt. We served them up on our special celebration plate and he loved it!
This was about as low key as it gets. He was super excited about his birthday last night before bed and the whole day he was just enjoying his special day. It was great to watch given years past my husband and I felt like we celebrated his birthday for him because he didn't seem to understand what we were celebrating! He's come a long way baby! This year he kept telling me how excited he was and before bed last night told me how much he loved me and how I was the best mom ever. Buttering mom up always helps. ;)

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Wow, it is only in having my son's birthday party in September that I am realizing I never posted about my daughter's birthday party in January. Yeah, to say we've been busy around here is a huge understatement! Both of my children have gotten to the point where this year they are choosing just to have a family party. But, that doesn't mean we don't decorate and have FUN! So, for anyone else wanting to do a Harry Potter themed birthday party, I hope these ideas can be of use!
Chocolate Frog Boxes

Chocolate Frogs! They sell this mold on Amazon, I used Enjoy Life allergen friendly mini chips

Letters coming out of the fireplace
Fireplace letters from another angle
Mandrake Cupcakes! Take babies meant to be baked into cakes (think Kings Cake for Mardi Gras) and hot glue a bit of fake plants on top and tuck into a cupcake. This one is a paleo version, gluten, dairy and soy free with Almond Flour. I bought little pots and just inserted them with the cupcake liner they were baked in.
I took one cupcake and crumbled it to give it the look of dirt in the pot.

Plated Mandrake Cupcakes on a Dollar Store tray

"Howlers" made from apples with sunbutter

"Hippogriff Eyes" aka Olives

"Pumpkin Juice" aka Orange flavored PowerPak

"Berrybots Every Flavor Bean" aka Surf Sweet organic, dye free jelly beans

The table
I was able to serve healthier versions of foods and treats without missing out on anything. And, finds like the Target Dollar Spot (chalkboard stickers) and the Dollar Store for the trays and pots made it economical as well. Celebrations don't have to be limiting when you have food allergies and intolerances. Some additional creativity will take you far once you get the hang of it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Should Parents of Children with Autism Take Dr. Woeller's Autism Mastery Course?

We are in a time of ever increasing treatment options, but where do you start? As a parent, the journey of autism recovery can be a long one. Do you want to take more control over your child's healing and treatment? Do you want to better understand the options available? Do you have limited time and need this at your own pace?? I said yes to every one of these and that is why I am taking Dr. Woeller's Autism Mastery Course! Need more convincing? Check out the 5 reasons below that YOU should take his course too.

Top 5 Reason Parents of Children With Autism Should Take
Dr. Woeller’s Autism Mastery Course
#1 – Decrease months and years of frustration trying to figure out things on your own by becoming empowered through self-education about the tremendous potential to help your child.
#2 – Get immediate help for your questions through the ‘participant’ forum and have access to cutting edge information right from your computer.
#3 – Learn to prioritize which laboratory tests are most important for your child and why, what the various markers mean from the tests that you do, and prioritize what interventions to focus on as top priority items.
#4 – Learn to troubleshoot common behavioral and biomedical challenges often seen in integrative health practice. Learn to devise strategies to improve the best outcome for your child.
#5 – Obtain doctor designed information for your own education and to share with your child’s personal medical professional to assist in their treatment.
See Dr. Woeller’s Autism Mastery Course here:

Friday, June 12, 2015

Autism Recovery, hear from 11 moms who have recovered their children from autism

Autism recovery. Such a loaded term, I am not exactly sure why. Would you say "What do you mean you are treating your child's diabetes with insulin, can't you just ACCEPT them as they are?" That is how I feel about the disorder called autism. I never presume to know anything about anyone else's child and their medical history unless I am looking at their lab results or speaking with a knowledgeable caregiver about their health history. But, I know my own child's story quite well. I have volumes of files, psychological evals, school evals, laboratory tests, supplement logs, etc. It is another full time job staying on top of what he needs to keep improving his health.

Low and behold, as I treated some of these underlying MEDICAL issues, the behaviors we associate with autism began to lessen. ATEC and ADOS scores began to fall. IEP's were no longer filled with talk of autism, as a matter of fact his school records note specific learning disability in certain areas now, not autism. Some may debate that because our diet is still not your "Standard American Diet" (which it will never be again regardless of my son's health status) that he is not "recovered". Some say because we still give him supplements that he is not "recovered". I could care less what anyone's definition of recovery is as long as my child is happy, healthy, thriving and able to navigate this world with less roadblocks. That is how I see my son's diagnosis of autism. He is not autistic, autism is not who he is. Clearly not if he can make so many changes in a relatively short period of time. I know this is touchy and why we need two "camps" is beyond me. I can still love and accept my child despite wanting to optimize his health the best I can. And if that succeeds in a reduction of behaviors that result in a diagnosis of autism, why not?!?

I got to sit up on stage at the recent Autism One conference in Chicago beside my Thinking Moms Revolution sisters. I am a member of TEAM TMR, the non profit side of The Thinking Moms Revolution. My son's story was in the 2nd book. I was told that we were the first panel dedicated to autism recovery. Times are changing. Parents are sharing what is working to heal their children. We are the revolution. No longer will we sit and watch more and more children be diagnosed with autism without providing some measure of hope.

On this panel we shared our stories and took questions from the audience. There were some similar stories but each child is unique and so our stories also varied. I was so proud to be up there with these brilliant ladies, spreading the word that there is something you can do to help your child with autism.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dr. Kurt Woeller Introduces His Autism Mastery Course

Time and time again, I hear parents complaining that their local physician or practitioner WANTS to help their child with autism and yet doesn't quite have the tools or training to lead them effectively. Quite honestly, that is what made it necessary for my family to drive to the next state to see Dr. Woeller, the lack of truly qualified people who could help me recover my son. But maybe your physician or practitioner is open to learning more, to expanding their skill set to help treat autism more effectively. If that is the case then this course is perfect for them! I believe that more education for our physicians and practitioners on the treatments that actually work for our kids is crucial at this time. The rates of autism have exploded and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when talking biomedical treatment. Please share! And parents, if you are wanting more education for yourselves, Dr. Woeller is opening this up for parents as well!  Below is a message from Dr. Woeller about his new course.

Dr. Kurt Woeller Introduces His Autism Mastery Course
I am very excited about the release of my upcoming Integrative Medicine for Autism Mastery Course for physicians and other health care practitioners. This is the very first time I have ever put together such a program. Truth is, I have been “working on it” for a number of years, trying to encapsulate my 17+ years of clinical practice into a program that could be understood and implemented in a reasonable time frame. With Autism Mastery, I believe I’ve done just that. And just in autism rates are growing each year, and there simply aren’t enough knowledgable health practitioners to help!
This online course will feature clinically relevant, practical, and time efficient material for any health practitioner currently working with the special needs community, or, for those who want to gain knowledge about how to help this underserved population of people. 
To help families struggling with the complexities of autism, I have created an online,  12 week course that will provide a depth of knowledge regarding biomedical intervention for autism-spectrum disorders that would normally take years of training and practice to obtain. In fact, I wish there would have been a course like this when I was starting as it would have shaved years off my learning curve!
While Autism Mastery was created with the health care practitioner in mind, I also know that “autism parents” are some of the most educated and studious people out there, so we will have spots available for dedicated parents as well.  
My goal is to increase the knowledge base of anyone who is looking to implement biomedical intervention into their practices (or homes) and take their knowledge of integrative health concepts to a deeper level in helping these children. We need to have more educated and knowledgable parents and health practitioners helping kids no matter where they are in the world. 
We have some promotional webinars scheduled in April regarding this course. I encourage everyone to join me to learn more about my Autism Mastery Course and how biomedical intervention for autism is so crucial in fighting this growing epidemic. 
Please go to for more information, to join us, or to sign up for a free, informative webinar.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Foot bath detox, what you need to know

I have shared our experiences with the IonCleanse Foot Bath Detox System. Since the end of December we have seen a pretty dramatic reduction in ATEC scores for my son. He started at 25 and at the end of Feb was down to 9!! Anything under 10 is considered recovered. Our biggest gains have been social and interactions. He is asking age appropriate, scenario related questions, requesting interactions from his sister, and giving us pretty normal 11 year old back talk (if that part wasn't so cool I would be highly irritated).

I get asked quite often when I post about the IonCleanse. What is foot bath detox? Is it really effective? What should I see and how quickly? Is this just for autism?? I know there are lots of questions. I had the opportunity to interview Tyler Dahm, Owner of Pathways Natural Wellness Center in Arvada, CO. Not only is she a business owner who uses foot bath detox with her patients but she is a mom of a child recovering from autism. She sees this from the personal and business side and has had a lot of experience in using these units for the betterment of her friends, family, and patients. Don't miss the Detox eConference being put on by The Thinking Moms Revolution tomorrow!!

To check out my interview, visit The Thinking Moms Revolution here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Detoxification, what you need (and want) to know!

Do you live on this planet? If so, then you NEED to be focused on detox. Whether we like it or not, our world has become increasingly toxic. Between the air, water, food supply, chemicals we are exposed to in personal care products, perfumes, lotions, detergents, the list goes on and on.

As Dr. Stephen Genuis presented at the 2014 IMMH conference, the brain is a "target organ" for toxicity. Toxins accumulate in fatty tissue and being the fattest tissue in our body, the brain bears the brunt. And it starts at birth. Science has found over 200 chemical toxins in the cord blood of newborn babies! We can't think of detox as a luxury or just for those over a certain age. In our toxic world, we ALL need to focus on ways that support and enhance our detox capabilities.

Dr. Genuis provided various diseases/conditions that can be theorized as being related to toxicity. Some are:

Diabetes Mellitus II
Autism (hello!)
Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Mental Health Disorders

Do you know anyone with those issues? What about headaches, fatigue, brain fog, learning disabilities?

You may be thinking "What's the big deal? We pee and poop out those chemicals!". In a properly functioning system, with certain chemicals, yes. But, do you use antipersperant? Sweating is a really big way to eliminate toxins and as a culture, we seem to be hell bent on preventing sweating! Not many of us can spend time lounging in Far IR Saunas each week either. There is also the issue of some chemicals binding to our feedback mechanism and basically being recycled in the body rather than excreted. Some toxins hide effectively in tissues and can be difficult to determine their levels using the normal testing methods.

The bottom line is that detox is more complicated than it used to be but I have good news! The Thinking Moms Revolution is putting on the "Your Life Detoxified" eConference on March 27th. The conference is just $40 and has a great line up of speakers with critical info on ways to detox and why it is important to YOU and your family today. The speakers include:

Debra Lynn Dadd
Dr. William Shaw
Kara Goyette, ND
Tami Duncan

Don't miss this conference with informative speakers and critical information to support the optimal health of you and your loved ones!

Click here to register.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Our IonCleanse Journey

We are thrilled to be embarking on the next level of healing and detox through the IonCleanse from A Major Difference. We got the unit on 12/26 and started using it 12/27. I will chronicle our experiences and also collaborate it with an Organic Acids Test that I ran on my son prior to the start of the program (12/22).

Cleanse 1 - WOW! The results for our whole family varied and really fell in line with our own health issues as you will see below.

My son's session (20 mins):
Halfway into the session

The end of the session, some foam (lymph), lots of brown/red colored flecks.

My Daughter's session (10 mins):
Not much, very light orange/brown (liver)
My session (30 mins):
Tons of foam (lymph, I have an enlarged lymph node)

Lots of red flecks (blood issues)

Green tinge (Gallbladder - I had a gallbladder attack about 5 years ago)

My husband's session (30 mins):
So dark you can't even see his feet!! Very brown/orange (Liver - he was on statins for over a decade, YIKES)

Lots of foam (lymph), green tinge (gallbladder)

Black flecks (heavy metals, no shocker here)

Within 40 minutes of the first cleanse, he rejoined our family at the dining room table (where we were all sitting) and proactively grabbed a difficult puzzle ball he rec'd for Christmas. Previously he wanted nothing to do with it and would only use it with hand over hand guidance from me. This time he calmly got the ball, sat down and started working on it intently. Later that day he also proactively suggested a game of "eye spy" in the car with his sister, also very atypical behavior. There have been some behavioral indicators of die off as well (irritability, defiance, etc.)

Cleanse #2

My son's session (20 mins):
Similar to the first session, maybe a little lighter

Much more lymph "foam" which makes sense as he is fighting a small cold
 My session (30 mins):
Much less red flecks and about the same number of lymph "foam". Still quite green.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Autism Recovery and Friendships: You Made It Out of Holland, Now What?

Recovery doesn't mean perfection and while our kiddos have navigated many hurdles, the social component can still be a struggle. Please read my latest The Thinking Moms' Revolution blog and share with anyone who may be facing something similar with their child.

Read the blog here.