Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dr. Kurt Woeller Introduces His Autism Mastery Course

Time and time again, I hear parents complaining that their local physician or practitioner WANTS to help their child with autism and yet doesn't quite have the tools or training to lead them effectively. Quite honestly, that is what made it necessary for my family to drive to the next state to see Dr. Woeller, the lack of truly qualified people who could help me recover my son. But maybe your physician or practitioner is open to learning more, to expanding their skill set to help treat autism more effectively. If that is the case then this course is perfect for them! I believe that more education for our physicians and practitioners on the treatments that actually work for our kids is crucial at this time. The rates of autism have exploded and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when talking biomedical treatment. Please share! And parents, if you are wanting more education for yourselves, Dr. Woeller is opening this up for parents as well!  Below is a message from Dr. Woeller about his new course.

Dr. Kurt Woeller Introduces His Autism Mastery Course
I am very excited about the release of my upcoming Integrative Medicine for Autism Mastery Course for physicians and other health care practitioners. This is the very first time I have ever put together such a program. Truth is, I have been “working on it” for a number of years, trying to encapsulate my 17+ years of clinical practice into a program that could be understood and implemented in a reasonable time frame. With Autism Mastery, I believe I’ve done just that. And just in time...as autism rates are growing each year, and there simply aren’t enough knowledgable health practitioners to help!
This online course will feature clinically relevant, practical, and time efficient material for any health practitioner currently working with the special needs community, or, for those who want to gain knowledge about how to help this underserved population of people. 
To help families struggling with the complexities of autism, I have created an online,  12 week course that will provide a depth of knowledge regarding biomedical intervention for autism-spectrum disorders that would normally take years of training and practice to obtain. In fact, I wish there would have been a course like this when I was starting as it would have shaved years off my learning curve!
While Autism Mastery was created with the health care practitioner in mind, I also know that “autism parents” are some of the most educated and studious people out there, so we will have spots available for dedicated parents as well.  
My goal is to increase the knowledge base of anyone who is looking to implement biomedical intervention into their practices (or homes) and take their knowledge of integrative health concepts to a deeper level in helping these children. We need to have more educated and knowledgable parents and health practitioners helping kids no matter where they are in the world. 
We have some promotional webinars scheduled in April regarding this course. I encourage everyone to join me to learn more about my Autism Mastery Course and how biomedical intervention for autism is so crucial in fighting this growing epidemic. 
Please go to http://Autism.IntegrativeMedicineAcademy.com for more information, to join us, or to sign up for a free, informative webinar.