Monday, December 29, 2014

Our IonCleanse Journey

We are thrilled to be embarking on the next level of healing and detox through the IonCleanse from A Major Difference. We got the unit on 12/26 and started using it 12/27. I will chronicle our experiences and also collaborate it with an Organic Acids Test that I ran on my son prior to the start of the program (12/22).

Cleanse 1 - WOW! The results for our whole family varied and really fell in line with our own health issues as you will see below.

My son's session (20 mins):
Halfway into the session

The end of the session, some foam (lymph), lots of brown/red colored flecks.

My Daughter's session (10 mins):
Not much, very light orange/brown (liver)
My session (30 mins):
Tons of foam (lymph, I have an enlarged lymph node)

Lots of red flecks (blood issues)

Green tinge (Gallbladder - I had a gallbladder attack about 5 years ago)

My husband's session (30 mins):
So dark you can't even see his feet!! Very brown/orange (Liver - he was on statins for over a decade, YIKES)

Lots of foam (lymph), green tinge (gallbladder)

Black flecks (heavy metals, no shocker here)

Within 40 minutes of the first cleanse, he rejoined our family at the dining room table (where we were all sitting) and proactively grabbed a difficult puzzle ball he rec'd for Christmas. Previously he wanted nothing to do with it and would only use it with hand over hand guidance from me. This time he calmly got the ball, sat down and started working on it intently. Later that day he also proactively suggested a game of "eye spy" in the car with his sister, also very atypical behavior. There have been some behavioral indicators of die off as well (irritability, defiance, etc.)

Cleanse #2

My son's session (20 mins):
Similar to the first session, maybe a little lighter

Much more lymph "foam" which makes sense as he is fighting a small cold
 My session (30 mins):
Much less red flecks and about the same number of lymph "foam". Still quite green.

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