Monday, October 26, 2015

New Autism Mastery Course Start Date!

Are you a parent of a child with autism and you want to learn about biomedical interventions that have been helpful for many children? Do you want to flatten out your learning curve? If you are motivated to get a fast-tracked approach to learning the ins and outs of biomed then this course is for you! 
My son has been a patient of Dr. Woeller's since shortly after his diagnosis at 4 years old. My son is 12 and considered recovered from autism and Dr. Woeller was our guide on this journey. His experience, insight, willingness to work with parents as a team, and his drive to keep learning the latest research and treatment options. His next Autism Mastery Course is launching soon. Don't miss out. And if you know of a practitioner wanting to learn more about the treatment of autism, this would be perfect for them as well.   
New Autism Mastery Course Start Date!

When Dr. Woeller launched his Autism Mastery Course last summer, it was a huge success, and many people have been asking when it will be available again. The next course start date is November 9, 2015. 

The Integrative Medicine Academy’s Autism Mastery Course for physicians and other health care practitioners is an extremely comprehensive course, designed for practitioners and parents who really want to know the science and protocols of treating autism using integrative and functional medicine.

Dr. Kurt Woeller,  renowned autism treatment specialist, incorporates his 17+ years of clinical practice into a program that could be understood and implemented in a reasonable time frame. The course itself is timely, as autism rates are growing each year, and there simply aren’t enough knowledgable health practitioners to help!

This online course features clinically relevant, practical, and time efficient material for any health practitioner currently working with the special needs community or for those who want to gain knowledge about how to help this underserved population of people. 

To help families struggling with the complexities of autism, Dr. Woeller has created an online, 16 week course that will provide a depth of knowledge regarding biomedical intervention for autism-spectrum disorders that would normally take years of training and practice to obtain. This course will flatten out the learning curve for you to be able to understand and treat autism.

While Autism Mastery was created with the health care practitioner in mind, we know that “autism parents” are some of the most educated and studious people out there, so we will have spots available for dedicated parents as well.  

This course is for anyone looking to implement biomedical intervention into their practices (or homes) and take their knowledge of integrative health concepts to a deeper level in helping these children. We need more educated and knowledgable parents and health practitioners helping kids - no matter where they are in the world. 


“This course has been great!! Every week I am adding something more to our practice because of this class. Our practice initially worked with neurofeedback and behavioral health, but since starting the course, we have certainly implemented the integrative health model. 

I have to say my experience with this has been great all around. There is so much information! I also really appreciate the quick response from Dr. Woeller as well as other practitioners on the forum.

I have recommended this class to several friends of mine and I would absolutely consider taking more courses from you guys! This has been great and I have found myself looking forward to reviewing the material every week. Thank you again for everything!”

Todd R.

Please join us to learn more about the Autism Mastery Course and how integrative medicine for Autism is so crucial in fighting this growing epidemic. 

Please go to more information or to enroll in the course.

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