Monday, November 21, 2016

Homeopathy and Tooth Extraction

It has been a while since I have really blogged our journey with biomed. Launching my own business, Real Food Mum, has been exhilarating and has taken a lot of my writing time as our client schedule and content creation have taken priority.

At the end of May, beginning of June, we were referred to the Orthodontist for a consultation. At that time, he was less worried about the reason for our original referral which was jaw formation. Instead, he was focused on an issue uncovered by their 3D xray. My son's canines had not fallen out like the regular dentist thought. The adult teeth were coming in and the baby teeth showed no signs of the root dissolving anytime soon. His recommendation was to schedule extractions by the end of summer. Yikes!

That would mean anesthesia. My son's detoxification pathways have opened so nicely partly due to all of the biomed we've done, methylation support and certainly the use of the IonCleanse footbath detox system. But still, the last thing I would willingly do is have to put him through the exposure as well as the pain of extraction. Certainly to avoid larger problems down the road, I would do what I need to do. But, I figured I had a few months to tackle this myself.

I did some research on local practitioners and went to see Dr. Rich Petke who had been treating my friend's whole family for years. He was fabulous and sadly, getting ready to move to Washington State. We maximized our time left with him here and we did homeopathy and craniosacral. I can't even really go into what happened during my son's craniosacral treatments. I believe he released some birth trauma even. If you haven't looked into it, I highly recommend you do.

As we started to implement homeopathy, a modality I am very familiar with, it managed to astound me yet again. After the first dose my son reported a loose tooth. Seriously. He had no teeth loose at the time, none. We had just had a dental checkup and that was what necessitated the orthodontia referral. His teeth had been thoroughly checked very recently. The boy has lost a tooth a month since (the total is 5 for those keeping score at home!) We dosed about twice a week, sometimes less. If there had been much time between the previous dose due to a vacation or forgetfulness, almost inevitably I would hear "Mom, I have another loose tooth" immediately following a dose. But, none were those canines!

We just went back to the dentist for another cleaning and checkup. I had given him a dose of his remedy and he told me another tooth felt loose. At the dentist, I asked them to confirm which tooth was loose, it was his canine!! At dinner tonight he lost his first canine tooth! I know, not the best photo but you can see the gap there. Can you see his smile in this picture? Chalk up another win for homeopathy, this time saving us from 2 teeth needing to be extracted.