Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome to my world

OK - so I have tried to keep in touch with folks and keep everyone posted on the Hirning happenings. Not only am I falling dreadfully behind but it is creating anxiety that I am not able to let people know what's going on and yes, I indeed think of my friends and family often. Even if it seems like I fell off the face of the earth. So, this blog is intended to serve several purposes:

1) Update friends and family on our life
2) Document the milestones in the kids lives
3) Vent about issues that I need to vent on
4) Keep track of the crazy journey that is our biomedical forray into Autism treatments
5) Keep me sane by giving me a viable outlet for my stifled creative writing skills

So, here we go, I will attempt to keep this updated so check back often!

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