Friday, June 6, 2008

Mini Size Me???

Has anyone else noticed that packages are getting smaller but the prices aren't? I started realizing that we are going through a lot more toilet paper than in the past. Yes, we do have another person (Emma) using the toilet these days but come on.....she's 2! The rolls (even double ones) are running out much, much faster than they used to. And, the other day Eric looked at a "1/2" gallon of ice cream to find that it is not a "1/2" gallon anymore. It still costs the same. Things are being downsized, even if they are still in the same sized box. The economy is really hitting people. It is a bad sign and we as consumers need to know that things aren't what they seem these days. So make sure you check weights and compare when you are out there shopping. We all need to be wise with our money and getting duped by the manufacturers makes that even trickier. So, when doing your comparison shopping or deciding whether to use coupons or go with a store brand, make sure you look at weight too.

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