Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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OK so I should be packing or cleaning or making some sort of list but I am not. Our sitter just called to say goodbye since it was rather chaotic when she left today and she won't see me for a few days. So we got to talking (imagine that...) and we came upon the topic of the flu vaccine. I quickly referred to the Dr. Mercola article I linked to in a previous post. As I read some of the comments on the posts, I found a link to an AWESOME site from a fellow industrious mom that I had to pass on before I forgot about it.

She talks about making her own elderberry syrup, which will be next on my list of to do's once I get home and settled again. She also talks about making her own Kombucha, which I am pleased to report we are already doing!!! I delegated this to the hubby as he used to brew beer many moons ago. Since the process of fermentation is similar I figured this would be right up his ally and I need to delegate more these days anyway. Like a good fellow, he promptly joined a Yahoo! group and got a SCOBY or Kombucha baby from a person here in Tempe. A SCOBY is the starter you need to make your own kombucha. Now we have a science experiment like the one shown in the link below in our kitchen. Here it is:

But I love Kombucha and more than the taste I love what it is doing to my body, cell renewal, tons of great vitamins and probiotics! I am stocked with Kombucha for the trip to San Diego. I leave tomorrow morning and come home sometime Monday. Unfortunately I won't have time to play since the conference is everyday from 8 - 5 and then there are classes in the evenings which I am signed up for. I cannot wait to fill my brain with more info though.

On a side note, the house is done being painted, at least the outside! The inside is still a work in progress as with two kids, a house to run, cooking, cleaning and preparing for a trip, our time to paint is limited. But, the outside looks awesome, love it!! And I love that we hired someone to do it and did not try and tackle it ourselves. That is why it is done and not still in process.

We started Matthew on L-Carnitine this weekend. Shortly after he began to smell of rotten fish. There is a genetic disorder where you smell like rotting fish due to a missing enzyme. This can also be caused by high doses of L-Carnitine. Well, I guess we know what is causing it. I need to email Dr. Woeller tonight, I will see him at the conference too. Meanwhile, no more L-Carnitine for Matthew.

Emma saw me starting to get my clothes together for the trip last night. She asked me where I was going. I told her I was going to Mommy school with Dr. Woeller and Dawn (Matthew's speech therapist). She asked me if I was going to miss her.....she is just so darn CUTE! My little doll....I sure am going to miss both of them.

OK so off of here and back to work! I have so much to do and the night is getting away from me. Eric is at Wal-Mart picking up pictures I had printed today to bring with me to show off to folks at the conference and also to give to my dad whom I will be staying with. Eric is also picking up the last minute stuff I need for the trip out. I need to be packing and getting all my stuff together that I want to bring, clean up, send that email to Dr. Woeller and then some quiet time with Eric hopefully. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend and I am sure I will have lots to share when I come back next week!!

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Abby Runyan said...

Can't wait for lessons on Kamboocha!! It was so fun to be with you at the conference. I'm loving your blog full of great info!!! Keep it coming!!