Friday, January 30, 2009

Negative pediatrician story

I just interviewed a new potential pediatrician. I saw her info hanging in the clinic where M gets OT and music therapy. I thought I would try it since she specializes in children with disabilities. I made an appt. and went in to see her yesterday. I started my spiel "I have a child on the Autism spectrum, after learning more about what has gone on in his body we've chosen to delay further vaccines, how do you handle families who choose to delay or refuse vaccines?". Her response "well, I am classically trained pediatrician (at which point I went~this won't end well) and feel that this would be an area where we would have to agree to disagree. I feel the current schedule is appropriate and if you choose not to vaccinate you are exposing your child to dangerous and systemic diseases". GREEEAAAT. So here we go. She asks if I have read "The False Prophets of Autism". Ok so my face must have changed to a mottled red/purple color as I made a very unintelligent sound in my throat, almost a snort, and stopped her short before she could even finish her sentence and said "ah, NO". What was going through my head those was doing my head roll with a finger up and a big "OH NO YOU DIIIIDN"T" in my best Rosie Perez voice. Let's see, why would I read/believe a book from a man who receives lots of money from the pharmaceutical industry, what else would he say than vaccines are completely safe? He knows where his bread is buttered. Look at research articles and then check out which pharmaceutical companies pay those same doctors for consulting fees, research grants, etc. I think that is a biased opinion. Get someone to do research who is not tied to the outcome necessarily, and certainly not someone PAID by pharmaceutical companies. Can you say CONFLICT OF INTEREST? She then goes on to say that many people out there are preying on parents with children on the spectrum and encouraging them to use their "limited" resources on things that don't work, things that have no proof. I held up Matthew's labs results and said "Actually, I DO have proof, it is called my son". She stated again (since I mentioned we are working with a DAN! doctor on my son's treatment protocol) that these people are preying on parents, selling them special elixers to "cure" their children. I told her that my doctor does not sell such "elixers", he reviews labs and suggest appropriate vitamins and minerals and yeast treatments to counteract what has gone wrong in his body. I told her I am not blaming vaccines 100%, I do believe there is a genetic predisposition. I told her I was once premed and then switched to psychology but I know more about neuro chemistry than I ever wanted to. I understand the methylation process and the faulty sulfation that is prevalent in so many kids on the spectrum. I think her eyes glazed over. She just reiterated we would have to agree to disagree. She said she does see patients who aren't vaccinated, unlike other doctors who won't even see your child, because she thinks that of all the kids MY kids need her more than ever because they are the ones exposed to these dangerous infections. I told her I would rather nurse my child through a "preventable" disease like chicken pox (which I have, twice with M and once with E) than to try and figure out and treat damage from formaldehyde and aluminum which ARE still in vaccines. She said she thinks it is necessary to have a pediatrician to help get the resources we need, like hab and respite (is she serious here???). Believe me, I love me my hab and respite but I need the resources that are helping heal my child, and that ain't hab and respite if I can speak bluntly for a moment. She asked if we were getting PT, I stopped her short and said yes, M is getting OT, music, speech, hab and respite. I actually have a lot of hab hours, so many that other parents gasp and say "HOW did you get THAT many". No clue, I just did. But I am also honest with my support coordinator and tell them "No offense but in a few years I don't want you coming to my house every 3 months, I don't want to need OT or music or speech, I would LOVE to have this free time to just be a "normal" family with lots of downtime, and we are working damn hard to get there!". So they give me what we need, why? BECAUSE IT IS WORKING!!!!!! They SEE the progress reports, 1 communication goal mastered in the last 3 months alone at school. He keeps getting better, each visit they even notice the changes in him. Not bad for vood doo medicine, huh? So yes, I told her, we are getting services. So basically we ended with the fact that she would see my children (out of pity, sure they will be stricken with some horrible disease in the near future) but she would not agree with our family's choices. OK, so what you are saying is you are hard up for clients and will take us bottom feeders because you need to pay your bills. Sorry for the cynicism but that was how I felt. Well "DR" thank you for your time......Doesn't the hippocratic oath 1st state do no harm? OK so for the kids afflicted with Autism in part by vaccines, isn't that a failure to abide by that oath? I think so. So.......we shall stay with our naturopathic pediatrician. After the deductibles are met it really isn't THAT much more expensive. But I was still holding out this hope that I could find a "mainstream" ped who could understand our plight. I worry about managed care, I worry about forced vaccinations, I worry about the families who've had children removed from their home because of their refusal to vaccinate. I worry about this US vs. THEM approach to medicine and illness. I feel like you have to take sides. Mainstream medicine vs. holistic medicine. Why can't there be a middle ground? Why do we have to agree to disagree? Why cling so much to the dogma? Because it will open the field up to lawsuits from vaccine damaged children? Personally I think most families with kids damaged by vaccines would just be happy to move forward and heal their children, and not be looked at as crazy people. So she spoke of limited resources, yes that relates to financial resources which many families understand all too much. But there is also the resource of time. I think I will continue to spend our financial resources on our naturopath, our DAN! dr. and our supplements. And, I will reserve my very limited time resources for more research on treatments, recovery stories and no more pediatrician interviews.....lesson learned.


Anonymous said...

Great Post, Terri!
Remember, these people are working for YOU. If they aren't on the same page, find someone who is!


Kristy said...

I totally agree Terri! I don't know if you are up to trying out a new pediatrician but Dr Lim is great and believes in everything I do with my daughter who has autism. Her office is cluttered with books and she has read and researched all of them. I think you might like her she is the only doctor I found who is very accepting of my beliefs with autism. Here is her info:

Dr Ruth Lim
2058 S Dobson Rd # 6
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 820-4507

PS. I hope it is ok that I added you to my blog? I usually have to go through Shari's to get to yours.

Anonymous said...

Terri, I came across your blog blogsurfing. I have some questions. I only have one child, but have heard many stories about children and vaccinations. I personally am VERY afraid on not getting my children vaccinated. I didn't have a choice with my daughter. She was a preemie and they would not release her from the hospital {our stay was 3 months} until she was vaccinated. I made them give them to her one at a time and wait a few days in-between each shot.

My question to you is how do you prevent something {disease} from happening to your children? I am asking in all sincerity. I am not judging for any choice that you have made, I just want to know what you are doing to protect your children?

I am very into holistic medicine. If there is a better way to go about it, I want to know. Please if you have information for me I would love to know
You can email me at

Dale & Christina said...

What is the name of your pediatric naturopathic doctor???