Monday, March 9, 2009

Vinegar as a safe weed killer

So here is yet one more thing to love about vinegar. And I already do, love vinegar that it. I have come to believe that and baking soda can accomplish just about anything and cure many ills. So I put some vinegar (5%) acid in a 98 cent spray bottle from Wal-Mart and started spraying to see what would happen. Well, here's what happened:

It worked best when the weeds got more sun. Here are a few links about vinegar as a weed killer, one even gives more "recipes" and I think I will try the one using dishwashing soap as well. But, if you are looking for a safe alternative to the toxic weed killers and don't want your kids rolling in poison and then tracking that all through your house for the rest of your family to encounter, then maybe give this a try. Boy, that was peppy for a Monday morning, wasn't it? But seriously, everytime I see the landscapers spraying that awful teal liquid all over the weeds it kills me to think of that stuff on my kids and being tracked through my house for us all to absorb. Does this mean I can give up my screwdriver and bucket and the tedious task of pulling weeds? Probably not but it can certainly help with a good portion of them, in a safe way! And by the way, the reports that I read said that yes, this will slighly acidify the soil but that it changes back very quckly so don't worry about changing the PH of your soil. Here are some links:


Anonymous said...

yes, we use vinegar too, on the weeds that grow in cracks in the sidewalk/driveway - works great!!!

Anonymous said...

Terri, This is awesome!!! I have been killing my back pulling weeds and wondering if there were a non-pesticide way of controlling them, and then I open up your blog tonight and here is my solution! You are FABULOUS!

Cindy Howard :)