Friday, November 20, 2009

Research on the role of oxytocin in Autism

Susan Owens has been instrumental in pointing out the importance of sulfation chemistry which has been vital information for the Autism and Alzheimers communities. I have blogged before about the role of sulfation in oxytocin production and reading her account of her labor was like reading my own story. It showed me that my own sulfation chemistry was faulty, I did not go into labor on my own and had several issues all potentially stemming from lack of oxytocin production. Since I did not go into labor on my own, I was induced and had 20+ hours of pitocin. As I have met other Autism mommies and we've shared our birth stories, it has been pretty interesting to hear that many of them shared my story in many ways. Now there is research to show the similarities in the rise in pitocin use and the rise in Autism rates and the role that oxytocin plays in pair bonding (which would explain the social deficits our kiddos on the spectrum have). As we have supported suflation through epsom salts baths nightly and even epsom salt creams as needed, I have wondered how much that was helping. Now there is an therapy out there called Respen-A. It is homeopathic but does require a prescription. Dr. Woeller has said he will try this on a select group of his patients, namely ones with that social deficit. I have already emailed him to let him know our interest in having my son be one of those select patients, even though socially my son is indistinguishable from his peers! Then Dr. Shaw also posted on Autism Action Plan that the oxytocin receptors are not stable in children with low cholesterol. My son had low cholesterol until supplemented with Sonic Cholesterol from New Beginnings. Coincidentally, I too have had low cholesterol all of my life. So I think this is just exciting new discoveries into more ways we can help our kids. My son's progress is amazing and miraculous. The human body is so resilient and these kids can heal. My son's ability to function with most people unable to tell he has a diagnosis of Autism, when just a few short years ago it was very, very apparant. So click below to visit the website and read more about this interesting new therapy. You can click on Product Info and Science Overview for detailed info on the research behind this product. I will be sure to keep my blog updated once we begin this therapy.

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Hi Terri!

I just love the information you continue to post. You amaze me!

Sorry it's been so long since we've talked...I checked into the credit card issue, but forgot to let you know the outcome (Benjamin has been on a gluten-induced haze lately). Anyway, it's as I thought, where you should get a credit on your statement at some point. Have you received that yet?

Just curious, too, if you have heard anything more about the NAA. I have been really checking out their profile/mission and I'm rather impressed.

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