Thursday, June 10, 2010

More data on the harmful effects of BPA

As I have blogged time and time again, the toxins in our environment, especially our food supply can be reduced to the betterment of our health. BPA is a topic I have discussed before, and even promoted Eden Foods who do NOT use BPA lined cans. Here is an article on MSN talking about what BPA does to our DNA. When we also look at the rise in autoimmune disorders, inflammation, etc., we have to wonder what chronic exposure to these chemicals do to add to these. And when we talk about BPA making us more sensitive to estrogen and we see the rise in soy use (and especially GMO soy which just adds to inflammation) we have to wonder whether we are escalating the diseases and disorders. How do these all fit together? Maybe we will never know. All I know now is that I wish I had understood this while pregnant with my son and daughter. What could our lives be like? No one will know that and really there is no point in asking why other than to caution others out there about these chemicals. Not only should we stop putting them into our bodies, our childrens' bodies and especially into our developing fetuses! We know that our body will not protect these precious babies from these chemicals. Our babies are being born polluted. We need to wake up, learn this stuff and STOP BUYING THEM!! Support Eden Foods and other like minded companies, committed to healthy food choices. We vote with every dollar we spend. Lets stop the rising tide of Autism and other auto-immune disorders. And one way to do that is to reduce the toxic load going in each day through our foods. So read this article, educate yourself and make informed decisions.

Click HERE for the article.

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