Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All natural alternative to traditional hand sanitizers

Through our journey to heal our son's Autism, we have had a huge education on the toxicity of our world. And some of the sources of toxicity (like in our air for example) we cannot really control much unless we build ourselves a bubble. But, I think many people understand that as our world has grown more toxic, so have we become more sick. We've seen dramatic rises in auto-immune disorders, even in our children. So, as much as we can reduce our toxicity (even if your child does NOT have Autism) then we are helping their body do what it should be doing like growing and developing, not fending off the chemicals.

I am not a fan of the mainstream hand sanitizers. Why? Well, many of them have things in them that I personally don't want on my childrens' bodies. Click HERE to read just one brand's product info from the Safer Cosmetics database to learn just HOW and WHY some of these ingredients are some you may want to avoid.

So, I decided to take a shot at making my own hand sanitizer. It is made from all natural, quality essential oils and water, that's it!! I have had friends, family and even the daycare at my gym try it and give me feedback! One friend even used it internally as a breath freshener (although I am not suggesting that it be used in that manner). There are no harsh chemicals, no "burn" on cuts and it is actually good for a multitude of purposes. The main essential oil in it is Tea Tree essential oil. Here are some reports on the effectiveness of Tea Tree:

Study on Tea Tree oil vs Triclosan on MRSA
An article on Tea Tree and MRSA with two other scientific citations
Tea Tree oil as a promising anti-microbial

Tea Tree has been shown to work well on nail fungus, athlete's foot, killing germs on wounds (my family uses it directly, undiluted, on all cuts/scrapes), I use it as a house sanitizer rather than other more chemical laden alternatives. It is a powerful antifungal and has been used to treat yeast infections. I also use it in the neti pot to cleanse nasal passages, especially when I feel a sinus infection coming on. I also use it in a diffuser around the house if the "bugs" are going around. It really is a gem around our house.

So, if YOU are looking for an alternative, then get your T*E*E*M Clean hand/cart/house sanitizer right HERE!

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Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

I had no idea! I know the soldiers overseas love to receive it in their care packages to treat athletes foot and other ailments. Now I know why :) We send care packages often & always try to include a bottle.

I also know that a little in your shampoo & conditioner helps to prevent lice infestations. Hey, lice love everyone's hair, no matter how rick or poor you are!