Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Graduation money/candy lei


 This project is so easy, especially if you buy the 40" roll of cellophane. You need 80 " to make a nice, longer sized lei. You can combine two 40" pieces and it works perfectly. Cut 2 8" x 40" pieces. Overlap them by several inches, like 3 or 4 so it does not come apart. Start spacing out your items in the middle of the cellophane. I used 5 of the money rosettes and then filled in with candy. I used only candy at the neck so it was not so bulky. Then you fold the bottom cellophane up and the top down. Tie curling ribbon to secure. I would suggest you start in the middle and work out. When you tie it takes up a lot of space so that gives you the opportunity to readjust as needed without having to start all over (talking from experience here). Then you just add on tags, stars, hearts, whatever. I did 2 layers of curling ribbon, one of the pearl color and then I alternated red and blue over that. I used the red/blue to tie on my accents. Viola, graduation lei!!

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