Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clostridia, a holistic treatment approach

A lot has been going on and when I say "a lot" I mean "like a million zillion times more things than normally go on in this uber busy household". Hence the lack of blog posts. Although, you can always read new and exciting stuff on the New Beginnings Facebook page, hint, hint.

A few months back we ran an Organic Acid Test (OAT). Holy Clostridia batman! Reference range is 220 for the "high" category. His test showed almost 1800!!! Yowza. Now, anyone in the biomedical Autism world knows this is bad stuff and it really impacts neurological functioning. We had to treat with Vancomycin, 10 days on, 7 days off, 10 more days on. Drumroll please......each 10 day course cost $1700! That is another rant for another day. We ran yet another OAT after treating. Clostridia still high, in 750's. It came down 1000 points but GEEZ!

Clostridia - 1
Us - 0

So, I'm sick of the thought of yet ANOTHER course of antibiotics. I also had a chance to attend the recent ARI conference to work the New Beginnings booth. So of course I took that opportunity to brainstorm where I could. I came home and began to formulate a plan.

1 tsp Manuka honey + 1 tsp of raw apple cider vinegar daily
Rotation of herbs (Oregano, Thyme, Turmeric, Cumin), 3 days on, 3 days off
Rotation of natural antifungals 3 days on, 3 days off, opposite days as other herbs

Rather than dried herbs in some cases, I chose to work with very potent essences. These aren't your foofy "put in a diffuser to make your house smell good" types of oils. These are oils of the highest quality designed even for internal use. Potent stuff, another post for another time since their Cajeput is the bomb diggety for any sort of throat issues with colds/flus. I get them at a place called Wisdom of the Earth. Great place, great people and I HIGHLY recommend them. PS - I don't work for them or get paid in any way, shape or form, this is just my own opinion after years of using essential oils.

So, I am using during our 3 days on:

New Beginnings Turmeric - 1 capsule in the morning in his normal supps
Oreganol with the P73 - 2 drops in the morning in his normal supps
5 drops Black Cumin essential oil on the bottom of his feet in the morning
5 drops Thyme essential oil on the bottom of his feet in the morning

3 days off I am using the Yeast Control Package from New Beginnings

Day 1 - Saturday. Applied the oils and within 1 hour I began to see our "Clostridia behaviors", falling apart emotionally, crying, screaming, angry, sad, just a volatile mess. Scrapped plans to attend bday party with his sister to stay home with Dad. No way we were going into public.

Day 2 - Sunday. Same thing but not quite as intense.

Day 3 - Monday. - Moody, irritable and emotional.

Day 4 - Tuesday - No oils or supps besides the normal ones and yeast control package. More back to normal. Started Manuka honey/ACV. No noticeable change with that. Went down well despite the AVC. He's a trooper.

Day 5 - Wednesday - Crazy busy day with back to back parent teacher conferences and then I had an additional PTA meeting. But it was not an oils day anyways but no honey/ACV was given since Dad was flying solo tonight.

I believe we were really seeing a healing crisis/flare with the oils. I take that as a fabulous sign things are working. I plan to work this for a month or two and retest. It is my hope that I can pinpoint a plan that can help others in this battle as well. We all know how hard the gut is to heal in these kiddos and these bugs are tenacious. But I know there is a solution out there that does not involved constant antibiotics. So I will keep the blog updated as much as possible as to our progress. I am really looking forward to the next OAT. But I will say that other than this gut bug issue, his OAT was pretty much PERFECT! So, yes although this issue is a biggie, I am so proud of how far he has come biomedically and that has translated so beautifully behaviorally as well. Our gut is our second brain and as we've nailed these things down his whole body and brain has healed. So there you have it. I look forward to sharing this exciting new plan with you as we go!!


Day 6 - Thursday - Status cue, normal supps with yeast protocol on board as well as the honey/ACV combo. But, I did decide to give him a dose of his constitutional homeopathic remedy. On one of our consults with Pierre Fontaine he mentioned that giving a dose of the remedy while sick could help the body heal faster. Since we are undertaking a distinct "stirring" of things, I figure it could not hurt.

Day 7 - Friday - Started back with the two oils on his feet at breakfast time. Added back in Turmeric and Oreganol with normal supps as well. No yeast package today. Behaviors not as bad as the first day with the oils. So far.

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