Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bye bye clostridia!

Over the past almost 5 years (I can't believe it!) that we've been delving into Autism recovery yeast and clostridia have been our unwanted companions. We've tried many, many things. Some helped, some didn't. Some made things worse. That's what you get in Autism recovery (or ANY biomedical protocol) trial and error. There is no clear cut road map which can be frustrating but it can also take you places you never thought you would go. One such road led to our recent success.

Camel's milk has been very helpful for my son in terms of his immune system healing. And through that connection I learned about a probiotic called Body Biotics. I read the personal experiences in the Facebook group, read documents online, heard from the owner of the company. I was still skeptical (as I usually am). But, I read blog account from other moms about clostridia and yeast levels. So, we took the plunge. It is a heavy boogie regime. You give the probiotics several times per day, 20 minutes prior to meals. You start slowly of course.

Our numbers were bad.....I cringe whenever I sit in on a talk by Dr. Shaw or other leaders in this biomed world talk about clostridia and what those high levels do to the brain on a constant basis. Reference range is 220, over the summer my son's levels were 1800. Yes, 1800. We saw explosive behaviors, aggression, fly off the handle type stuff. It is not pleasant. He is grouchy and everything bothers him. I feel it from both ends, who wants to feel like that and who wants to deal with a child who acts like that? So, after 2 (yes 2) rounds of heavy antibiotics (which I HATE) we had levels in the 700's.....still. UGH!!!! Researcher mom kicked in again.

Which brings me to Body Biotics. We ordered them and anxiously awaited their arrival. We started the product on a Friday. Wow! Immediate response, not in a good way. We had major meltdowns, sensory overload, etc. I knew this was a good sign but still, it is always hard to handle for everyone involved. As we progressed on, we upped the dose.

Here we are about 3 months in. I just received his most recent organic acid test from Great Plains Labs and his clostrdia levels???? Drum roll please............................74!

74? I don't think I have EVER seen his levels so low. I am amazed. Really. So there you have it, our own experiences on this stuff. It does have Lactobacillus Casei (and as with everything else) so do your own research on whether you want to use it for your child. It worked for us!


Anonymous said...

Thanks do much for your blog, it is really amazing and great insight .
We are on week 3 of body biotics and seeing some gains , but still have constipstion, night wakings and a lot more spaciness. We have not gotten past 1 capsule yet. Just wondering how long your die off or adjusting period was. .
I am really hoping this probiotic helps with yeast and bacteria , I am do tired of being on antifungals and nystatin.

Anonymous said...


Could you tell, please, Can a kid on GFCF diet take camel milk? Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Can a kid on GFCF diet take camel milk?

Thank you.