Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paleo, grain, gluten, dairy, soy free pop overs (pop tart)

As my son gets ready to head off on a sleep over field trip, I am in full meal prep/planning mode. I start with breakfast. It has to be something simple, easy to eat, not require refrigeration or reheating. OK. I think through some of my recipes, especially since a new round of IgG testing have made us rethink our "normal" ingredients.

I decide to try the Fig Newton recipe I've posted in the past but with a few modifications. For lack of a better term they make a really good, healthy pop tart. I am not a fan of trying to recreate junk food just for the sake of it (I will however make an exception for chocolate chip cookies). Otherwise I like to keep things as close to nature, and besides my kids have never eaten a pop tart so it is not like they are begging for them but that helps you envision what they would replace!!

In a food processor grind 2 cups pumpkin seeds (preferably soaked/dehydrated). Add in 2 cups potato starch, 4 tbsp melted coconut oil, 1/2 cup coconut nectar or organic, grade B maple syrup, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt. ** Note - I usually add in all the dry ingredients and mix a few times to ensure that it is all evenly mixed before adding in the "sticky" stuff.

Combine until a dough forms and sticks together. Divide in half. Roll out between two pieces of parchment paper, make into a long rectangle. Spoon a layer of jam/jelly (for lower sugar content use a xylitol sweetened jam/jelly) or like I did, mashed pears with a sprinkle of cinnamon on the lower half of the rectangle so as not to over fill. Leave a border around the edges.

Fold the top half of the dough onto the lower half so you now have a long skinny rectangle. Gently pinch edges to seal. Square the edges. Using a sharp knife, cut into 6 tarts. Cook in a 325 degree oven for 12 minutes (DO NOT OVER BAKE!!). Repeat with other half of the dough! Enjoy!!

The picture above is from the blog I did on the Fig Newton style cookies using almond flour. The pumpkin seeds do have a green color and the pop tarts are much bigger than this but it gives you an idea!

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