Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Wow, it is only in having my son's birthday party in September that I am realizing I never posted about my daughter's birthday party in January. Yeah, to say we've been busy around here is a huge understatement! Both of my children have gotten to the point where this year they are choosing just to have a family party. But, that doesn't mean we don't decorate and have FUN! So, for anyone else wanting to do a Harry Potter themed birthday party, I hope these ideas can be of use!
Chocolate Frog Boxes

Chocolate Frogs! They sell this mold on Amazon, I used Enjoy Life allergen friendly mini chips

Letters coming out of the fireplace
Fireplace letters from another angle
Mandrake Cupcakes! Take babies meant to be baked into cakes (think Kings Cake for Mardi Gras) and hot glue a bit of fake plants on top and tuck into a cupcake. This one is a paleo version, gluten, dairy and soy free with Almond Flour. I bought little pots and just inserted them with the cupcake liner they were baked in.
I took one cupcake and crumbled it to give it the look of dirt in the pot.

Plated Mandrake Cupcakes on a Dollar Store tray

"Howlers" made from apples with sunbutter

"Hippogriff Eyes" aka Olives

"Pumpkin Juice" aka Orange flavored PowerPak

"Berrybots Every Flavor Bean" aka Surf Sweet organic, dye free jelly beans

The table
I was able to serve healthier versions of foods and treats without missing out on anything. And, finds like the Target Dollar Spot (chalkboard stickers) and the Dollar Store for the trays and pots made it economical as well. Celebrations don't have to be limiting when you have food allergies and intolerances. Some additional creativity will take you far once you get the hang of it!