Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth "friendly" products to be wary of

I love Earth day and all the focus on being more Earth friendly. But, I don't love that we reserve this for one specific point in time each year. I am always leery of mainstream companies "going green" or organic, or healthy. I don't buy (in the figurative AND literal sense) the All Natural Jif (I am just using this as an example, not sure if Jif makes all natural) or the Clorox Green Works products for this reason. You can tell the motivations of a company by what their primary focus is. If they were concerned about health or the environment, they wouldn't wait until it became a money maker in their segment to jump in. I am always skeptical at mainstream products that try and move into a health food category. If you have been wondering about some of these so called green products, read the link below. I think it is awful for organizations like the Sierra Club to lend their name to products for profit and not because they are safe and healthy. Shame on Clorox and shame on the Sierra Club!

When in doubt, find out what companies are more trustworthy and in the business for the love of it and not just for profit and support them. I know people who use Seventh Generation, I like the Biokleen line for cleaning/laundry detergent/dish soap/etc. I also order lots of products from Azure Standard. They only service select areas since they do truck shipments once per month. But their company has very high standards, they select companies to stock based on health and wellness. Now, that doesn't mean that it is a free for all on every items. You still need to read labels and understand what you are eating or cleaning with. But, I trust their judgement on bringing in healthier items that I would a Wal-Mart where it is all profits. And their pricing is better than health food stores, etc. You can check them out at

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