Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Regression in Autism and seasonal allergies?

It is very hard to face regressions when you are so focused on making progress. But, it happens, all the time. One thing that is constant in Autism and life in general is change. And coping with that change can be hard. We have been facing a huge regression with M lately. What does that mean? This time regression means a reoccurrence of certain behaviors, perseverations on things, higher anxiety, wanting to carry around a certain toy or object, asking the same question over and over and over about anxious situations, meltdowns, loss of attention and focus, etc. It doesn't help that we've lost a dearly loved therapist because of the budget cuts, had to change to a new therapist and had some schedule changes. These wouldn't be easy in any event but especially not with regression happening.

This particular bout of regression started right at the end of Feb. We had just started Actos and assumed it was a reaction. When the behaviors continued, we stopped Actos at the urging of Dr. Woeller. They persisted and given a little issue with Acetyl L-Carnitine producing a bacteria and subsequent fish smell, we suspected clostridia which is a constant battle anyways. We treated with another round of Flagyl and still the behaviors persisted. I posted yet again on Autism Action Plan and Dr. Woeller suggested we treat again with stronger yeast treatment since what I had expressed looked like a yeast flare. I was left asking "what flared the yeast?". We have been diligent with his diet and we thought we had a handle on it....very frustrating. Then Dr. Woeller responded asking about the allergens in the air. We are in full bloom in the desert and the winds have been strong which means stirring up the dust and other particulates. I know the rest of our family has been suffering from allergies and although M hasn't had many outwards signs, many things can be going on that 1) he can't describe or understand or 2) working in ways we cannot understand. Dr. Woeller shared that allergy season can just increase inflammation in general and stir up yeast. So he may not be reacting in the way we are but he could still be feeling the effects in a whole different way. Here is a link to Dr. Woeller's recent blog post that discusses this issue in greater detail.


So seasonal allergies are something to think about when dealing with regression in Autism.

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Taryn said...

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thanks, Taryn