Monday, July 13, 2009

Home from The USAAA Show!

Wow, what a fun filled weekend!! I was on my first assignment for New Beginnings, to attend the US Aspergers and Autism Association show at the Westin LAX representing New Beginnings Nutritionals. This conference was a great chance for parents, caregivers and therapists to hear wonderful speakers and see the other companies who work to help us recover our children with Autism. I had a chance to sample some of our own products for the first time! I tried the chewable A & I support which is an allergy and immune support, a natural antihistamine. I also tried the chewable enzymes by Houston that we carry and the chewable Vitamin C. I loved them all. Some parents even report using the chewable Vitamin C as a reward. I just ordered some myself so we'll see if it goes over as well in our house.

It was great to talk to other parents about what is helping my son. Talking to other parents who live this life just like I do was so therapeutic!! To be in a room filled with people who understand your bloodshot eyes, your stress lines, and your grey hair is invaluable!! Often times families who have been touched by Autism feel loneliness and isolation. I LOVE these conferences because we ALL understand. Even though Autism in our house may look different than Autism in your house, we all understand, we're in the club too! We understand quirks, perseverations, feeding challenges, etc. We can share tips and gain knowledge and understanding from other parents. We can vent about challenges with school districts, being out in public when others don't understand, and even the toll it can take on your marriage. We all mourn the loss of the life we thought we'd have with our children and celebrate the successes that we have created for our children through our interventions. We feel empowered, supported and most of all, accepted. It was a great conference, I will post more details and info as soon as I can!

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