Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Safer cleaning tips to reduce toxins in the home

I have blogged about this in the past but as I reached for my vinegar and baking soda today, it made me think of how more and more I am seeing people use caustic and toxic cleaners to clean their homes and the Clorox/Lysol surface wipes on kids' hands. I wanted to cover this topic again. In today's society, we have so many things that have become commonplace that can be dangerous to our childrens' health. The use of bleach and disinfecting wipes is one of them. Here is a link to the Clorox FAQ page where they specifically say that these disinfecting wipes are for hard surfaces ONLY, not hands or bodies:


Although the Clorox wipes I mentioned above do not contain bleach persey, they fall into the toxic category anyways. Then we move onto the topic of bleach itself. I would challenge each of you to get rid of that bleach and reach for natural, safer cleaners. Here is some additional reading on the hazards of using bleach.


So you germaphobes may be asking at this point "what will I use?". I used to be a germaphobe too. But, the bleach is gone and in its place is vinegar and baking soda (when combined will foam and has good grit to scrub those tubs!) and hydrogen peroxide. Life is all about PH I have decided. Once you know an organism's PH you can find a way to counteract it. If you are looking for a disinfectant, the acidity of vinegar will do the trick. Don't believe me? Read more here:


It may take you a little more elbow grease but you will be sure your little ones are not breathing in toxic fumes from the chemicals. Bleach fumes hover right around calf/ankle level, perfect height for crawlers and new walkers. Do you really want your child breathing in Dioxin, one of the most harmful man made chemicals on Earth? Of course you don't which is why you dump the bleach and chemical cleaners and reach for natural (and CHEAP) alternatives! You children and your pocket book with thank you!!!

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