Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Autism Hope In Action - SATURDAY 1/30

Here is where I will be on Saturday. If you have a child with Autism and are looking for more ways to help him or her function better, feel better and be healthier, then you need to get to this conference! Diet and supplements made a world of difference to my son. My son's DAN! doctor and the nutritionist we consulted with are going to be speaking. And hear from a father of a recovered child explain their family's journey. Kids with Autism DO have underlying diseases most of the time, whether that is yeast, bacteria, viruses, nutritional deficiencies, poor immune systems, auto-immunity and widespread inflammation. Addressing these issues IS a cure in a way, for as we addressed these things, my son began to lose his "Autistic" behaviors and eventually, his diagnosis. Taking charge of your child's health is empowering and watching them improve is amazing and POSSIBLE. There is hope for children with Autism, there is a cure, unique to each child but it is out there. You need the right people helping you and THESE ARE THE RIGHT PEOPLE!

I will be on hand at the New Beginnings Nutritionals booth, come on by and learn about the great products that New beginnings offers that are all geared towards kids on the spectrum. They are the products we use for my son - and now our whole family!

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