Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gluten and Casein free diet for gut issues

So this summer we picked up my step-daughter (12 yo) for our summer visit. Her mom mentioned some stomach issues she had been having, pain, discomfort and a need to GO if you know what I mean. It was happening daily. Since we were in San Diego and I didn't have my full bag-o-tricks, I stopped at Henry's and grabbed just a few things. First off, I took her off of wheat and dairy, not such a stretch considering most of our family eats that way anyways. My step-daughter has also recently gone vegetarian so that was a new twist and provided some challenges but I think we've rocked it overall. Within 1 week, just shy of 1 week actually, her gut issues have resolved! No more pain, urgency to go, etc. just normal bowel function. I added in probiotics and some kombucha, aloe vera and 1 or 2 doses of slippery elm, that was it! Very simple, very easy. So, if you thought this diet was just for Autism or think that those pesky bowel issues are just "you" or they "run in the family" I would suggest you look at diet and whether the wheat and dairy could be problematic for you as well.

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