Saturday, April 9, 2011

Low Cholesterol in Autism

We hear a lot about high cholesterol but usually the only thing we hear about low cholesterol is "way to go" from our mainstream doctors. But, too low levels of cholesterol is a bad thing and can inhibit lots of brain functions. Did you know that oxytocin receptors are not activated without adequate levels of cholesterol? Oxytocin and Autism has already been explored and so for ASD kiddos with low cholesterol, this could be even more of an impact from all of the other biomedical issues we know to be at play. We've successfully raised my son's cholesterol into normal ranges using Sonic Cholesterol from New Beginnings because both he and I have low cholesterol AND egg allergies. So, a cholesterol supplement was necessary. Want to know more about this issue? Dr. Woeller, our son's specialist, does free webinars through Great Plains Labs to help parents understand more of the issues surrounding Autism and their next one is on Cholesterol and Autism. Click HERE to go to the link to register. It is April 13th at 6:00 pm Pacific time.

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