Sunday, January 6, 2013

Zinc Deficiency and Autism?

Could zinc play a role in Autism? THIS article from Psychology Today suggests that this be another area studied. I know from experience how prevalent zinc deficiency can be. While working a conference for New Beginnings we would often do our zinc challenge. You have a solution with zinc and a little water. The person takes it into their mouths and usually you can tell instantly if they are adequate on their zinc. The taste is pretty bad, very metallic/sour and it can be hard to get that taste out of your mouth. Those we are zinc deficient however have no such reaction and remark that it tastes just like water. I can tell you from a quick counting standpoint, there were more who thought it tasted like water than those who tasted the zinc. And this was adults, not children. When I give my son his liquid ionic zinc from New Beginnings he also reports no taste.

As the article states, zinc is incredibly important to many functions, including immune function. So why couldn't it be involved in some way with Autism. The story has yet to fully unravel and yet for every individual impacted by Autism there will be unique circumstances to look at. But, looking at a zinc supplement (or making sure your child's multi-vitamin/multi-mineral has adequate zinc levels) can be a wise move in many cases.

Psychology Today
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Anonymous said...

Do u know if the same is true for iron? To me, tastes like metal, to my anemic child, tastes like water.

Diana said...

I agree on both of you, I read an article about zinc deficiency symptoms, which tackles the importance of iron and zinc for those autistic children. Those children displays symptoms which tackles a poor nutritional absorption that a person needs to stay healthy. In addition, one of the symptoms that targets their digestive health for them to absorb the proper amount of nutrients.

Terri Burges Hirning said...

Anonymous, I am not sure about the iron. I have not heard that but I have an email in to the GM for New Beginnings. If anyone will know this answer, she will! I will post as soon as I hear back. Thank you both for your comments!