Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great bread!

If you shop at Sprouts you probably have seen Alpine Valley breads. If you were to make your own bread, yours would have all the things these have in them: Whole wheat, water, salt, yeast. No hydrogenated oils, no dairy, no MSG, no corn syrup, no coloring to make them look brown and therefore healthy, just great, albeit dense, bread. But, the cost is about $4.49 per loaf. Well, the bakery is here in Mesa!! It is on Southern, just west of Country Club. The best part is, they sell their breads for 2 for $1!!!! Yes, you read that right, 50 cents a loaf!!! Talk about a bargain. If you have an extra freezer then you can (and should) take advantage of this. I know it may be a drive but for that price, I will make that trip every few weeks and stock up. The bread I got had a date of April 24th and it was the 20th so it is towards the end of its shelf life, especially without all the preservatives! I got 4 bags of bread for $10 but that included a yummy chocolate chip loaf that was not marked down ($3) and a bag of Lay's chips as a snack for me which was probably $1. I got whole wheat hamburger buns, some honey oat, some 9 grain, a few sourdoughs and an awesome foccaccia type bread with rosemary and olive oil which we sliced in half and grilled on the George Foreman grill and made Panini's with, YUM-O! So for about the price of 2 loaves I got 4 bags full of bread. I brought them home and popped all the ones for future use in the freezer. I keep my bread in the fridge here anyways. With the heat and no preservatives, the bread just goes bad so fast. So, hot deal alert for anyone wanting great bread at a great price!

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Sherri said...

Great bread at a great price -- I am so there! Thanks for the information.