Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An interesting article on vitamins

I get the email newsletter from Dr. Mercola and one of his recent topics was vitamins and the media hype and sensationalism. Read the top article and then scroll down for his take.

It goes to show you how "supplements" and natural foods really can get a bad rap for nothing. The point is choosing the right, high quality supplement and of course the key is to try and get the bulk of your vitamins and nutrients from raw fruits and veggies. Certain things need the vitamin or mineral in raw form for it to be absorbed in supplement form. I love that Dr. Mercola advocates raw foods. I want to promote our juicer yet again! Having small children, I cannot always get them to eat all their veggies. Now, my kids get between 6 - 8 ounces (which equates to a lot of whole food) of raw fruit/veggie juice. I am using spinach, kale, celery, carrots, grapefruit, apples, etc. I need to pick up more parsley too, that is a great for key nutrients and is a natural chelator (takes metals out of our systems). I give them 2 ounces at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They still get fresh fruit throughout the day and of course LARA bars (which are all raw with great natural oils and good fats from the nuts) as healthy snacks. My kids appetites have increased which is a reaction to the great enzymes they are getting from the fresh juice. They are also requesting more healthy snacks, Emma has been asking me for walnuts and raisins! I would encourage everyone to look more at juicing for health. There are tons of resources on the web and you can learn more about why this is so beneficial. My husband and I also drink the juice. I think it is definitely helping with weight loss so far. So, if you are like many who have a problem getting all your fruits and veggies in, juicing may be a great way to get that raw nutrition into your system! Salud!

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