Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Amanda Peet vs. Jenny McCarthy

So maybe you've heard about the latest celebrity feud. Is this one about who wore which dress on the red carpet first or who stole who's boyfriend? Not this time, it is about the very important topic of vaccines and children. Jenny McCarthy has a son who had been diagnosed with Autism. She researched and found ways to help her son and thankfully he is recovered. But he is just one of many children who seemed to regress shortly after a routine vaccine. Jenny is passionate about the issue of vaccine safety and brings to light all the chemicals in vaccines (including Aluminum and Formaldehyde which I HAVE read on vaccine ingredients lists). Amanda Peet on the other hand has one child, a girl, who does not have Autism and she is just as passionately in favor of vaccines.I was on the fence with this topic, even after we knew something was amiss with Matthew. I never noticed regression persey with vaccines but I knew that as of his 4 months shots, the child would not sleep regularly again from that day forward. In hindsight, that should have been a warning sign.Do I think vaccines are the root of all evil? No. Do I think they are 100% to blame for Matthew's issues? No. But, I think they are one piece in a very large puzzle of immune health and neurological development and disorder. I admire both women for their passion and their desire to speak up for what they believe in. Now, having said that, I personally think Amanda Peet need to sit down and shut up. Until you HAVE a child who gets the diagnosis of Autism and YOU wrack your brain trying to figure out what is going on and DO the research about what causes it in YOUR child, you cannot DARE call parents who choose not to vaccinate parasites as she did in a Cookie magazine interview. When I think of the various things we vaccinate our children against these days (chicken pox for example) that we did not when I was young, I think why is it so bad that they get that??? They actually are not 100% guaranteed not to get the virus just because of the vaccine and later in life that immunity wears off, leaving you more susceptible since the virus is more harmful as you get older (especially in men). Sometimes I think we care too much about how much time kids spend out of school ill because that is what this new vaccine schedule means to me. The schools miss out on too much money so lets try and vaccinate against "normal" childhood illnesses that serve to build immunity. That could be a very simplified view but it is mine so there it is. NJ is doing something similar with the flu shot, they are MANDATING flu vaccines for children because working single moms would miss too much work if their kids are sick. The flu vaccine still has the mercury component in it. That is dangerous and irresponsible to force that on all children just because of one demographic. I am not saying I am against ALL vaccines. But, if your child is one in 150 that will have Autism and you don't know whether they will react badly to vaccines.....it is much harder to fix his neurological system and gut than to nurse him/her through the flu, whooping cough or chicken pox.I guess what I am saying is for someone who has NOT been touched by Autism, someone who has not cried tears of rage, frustration, confusion and sadness at what this disorder does to children and families should not be calling parents who choose not to potentially further damage their children names. Our recent tests with Matthew shows he has high levels of aluminum, a common ingredient in vaccines. These kiddos often have a tough time getting rid of the toxins so jamming more in just seems like the wrong thing to do to me. But, I have something to say to Ms. Peet. I too rode on a high horse once. I too thought I knew it all. I too believed in the AAP and the government to protect me. That was before I was a mom and I thought I knew it all. I then was given the gift of a child with Autism. It opened my eyes to what we are doing to ourselves, our planet and most importantly our children. Then I began to understand the depth of the pharmaceutical business and how keeping people ill and forcing drugs on us is very, very profitable to all involved (including doctors). Now my immediate response is not to vaccinate against all diseases. With Matthew, that stopped at 3 years old. With Emma that stopped temporarily at 18 months. We may choose to continue to vaccinate her once she is older and has a stronger immune system, the jury is still out. But, until you walk in someone's shoes who believes that vaccines are even a part of the cause for their child having Autism, you shouldn't condescend to know what is right for every child. Like breastfeeding, co-sleeping and discipline just to name a few, certain decisions should be each family's to make. Just because you are a celebrity and have access to a camera does not mean you have the right to tell others (who's lives and struggles you know NOTHING about) that they are parasitic if they choose not to vaccinate. Shame on you. She quotes vaccines need the "herd" immunity. Well Ms. Peet, maybe the herd is running in the wrong direction.


Endless Possibilities said...

I recently stumbled across your blog and this post compelled me to leave a comment. I agree with you 100%. I do not have an autistic child but I do believe that she should have kept quite on the issue. I volunteered for years in high school with children with autism and a lot of the parents told me their children had a change in them after they were vaccinated. I personally opted to vaccinate but it is a personal decision. I am on team Jenny all the way.It was a hard choice for me to vaccinate, just like it is a choice not to.

I love your blog, thanks for all of the great reads!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so first just let me say WOW!
I love reading your blog. I always find new information and things to consider in a new way.

Of course not having any children, I have no opinion, cause I haven't walked in those shoes; at least not yet.

However, I will tell you what it reminded me of; when me say they are against abortion. HMMMM.

No one group should want to force things on another group, but it seems since the mayflower landed nobody can help themselves.

Anonymous said...

Ok, see this is what happens without spell check.

It should say:
However, I will tell you what it reminded me of; when MEN say they are against abortion. HMMMM

M_&_Em's_Momma said...

Thanks Endless Possibilities!! I am so glad you came across it and have gotten something from it!!

M_&_Em's_Momma said...

Elan, I consider that a HUGE compliment! I am glad I can present things in a different light for you. Just another service I offer....lol.

I know, people cannot live and let live. Some people seem to want to force things on others. We are all adults, we should make choices and face consequences of said choices. We all have our own path to walk.....

Sherri said...

I agree, Terri. If I have learned one thing about being a parent, it's that we are our child's best (and really, only) advocate out there, and we are entitled to make decisions in their best interest, regardless of any naysayers out there.

And I am totally with you on the annoying celebrities with big wallets and bigger mouths thing!

If we were all a little less judgemental of others, the world would sure be a nicer place! (of course I include myself in that group, too) :)