Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The ironies of life

After graduating high school, I knew what my collegiate educational path was to be, Pre Med. I chose UC Riverside for its (at the time) very high reputation for their Biomedical Sciences program. I applied and even though it was one of the toughest majors to be accepted in, I made it! So off I went to Riverside, only to really dislike the city, living away from friends and family, and dorm life. And in the meantime, going through a bout of depression, I also convinced myself that Biomed was not for me, seeing as how I was not so great at math or physics which were kind of important to my major. I switched my major to Psychology and the rest, as they say, is history. And yet today I find myself inevitably drawn back into the life of biomed, specifically as we intervene with Matthew's Autism diagnosis. It is funny how life works. I guess after all of that, I DID end up with a major in Biomed, only from the school of life and motherhood, not a university.

Here's Matthew's daily regime:

Cal/Mag citrate (2 capsules) and Sonic Cholesterol (2 capsules) with breakfast
Nystatin (1 tsp) after breakfast
Theanine (2 capsules), GABA (2 capsules) and Folinic Acid (2 capsules) in the later morning.
Culturelle (1 capsule) in the late morning
Cal/Mag citrate (2 capsules) and Sonic Cholesterol (2 capsules) with lunch
Nystatin (1 tsp) after lunch
VSL #3 (1 capsule) in the afternoon
Theanine (2 capsules) and GABA (2 capsules) in the later afternoon.
Cal/Mag citrate (2 capsules) and Sonic Cholesterol (2 capsules) with dinner
Nystatin (1 tsp) after dinner
Cod Liver Oil (1 tsp) after dinner
Culturelle (1 capsule) at bedtime

The capsules we pull apart and dissolve in juice and administer with a syringe so basically the poor guy gets doses of chalky juice several times per day. But he's a trooper. He's working on a virus right now but I hesitate to add any other supplements since his immune system is working hard to bolster itself with the help of all the probiotics and other supplements above.

However, I too have been a bit under the weather and have been able to fight it off with high dose Vit. C, liquid Vit. A (great for respiratory issues) and Olive Leaf Extract (great for fighting viruses). I thought I had it licked but after a very restless night, I woke again with a sore throat. I reached for the Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). What is GSE? I consider it one of those miracle supplements that is a must have in our house. It really helps sore throats, upset stomachs, parasites (can clean impure drinking water and help with "montezuma's revenge" while traveling), yeast control, bladder infections, it can clean your fruits and veggies (most commerical "natural" fruit and veggie cleaners contain this), provide a natural solution to disinfecting your cutting boards and kitchen counters and the list goes on. It is safe for kids too! Here's a link for more info:

It seemed pretty pricey (to me) at about $11.99 for a very small bottle (a few ounces). It is in a glycerine base and seriously, you use just DROPS for effective treatment. We've been using the same bottle for a couple of years now and just need a new one now, pretty cost effective if you ask me! It is also a great general immune booster. And don't let the name scare you, if you are on statin drugs or any others that have contraindications for grapefruits or other citrus fruits, this is totally safe to take!! It is made from the SEED, not the actual fruit so it will not interfere. Although at the risk of offending, I would encourage anyone on a statin drug to try other means for controlling high cholesterol. Statins weaken muscles. One reason you need to lower cholesterol is for heart health. Well, the heart is a muscle. But that is a whole other discussion.

So, check out GSE, especially with school starting back up, sore throats, strep and tummy bugs coming our way. This is precious in our house and hopefully you will find it helpful in yours!


Anonymous said...

Hi... I have heard that when killing yeast, we should avoid acid amino (GABA) as it will feed the yeast????

Terri Burges Hirning said...

I have never heard that. My son's DAN! doctor has my son on GABA and we've been fighting yeast actively for a while now. If it were contributing to it, I don't think he would recommend it. But, I am going to ask him anyways and will post the answer here!