Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barro's gluten free pizza!

So I have to tell you about our new ritual. We see our chiropractor in Queen Creek once a week and we drive by Barro's pizza on Power and Queen Creek on the way home. I have had the privilege to meet a member of the Barro's family and let me tell you, she is fabulous! And I know how committed they are to offering a gluten and dairy free pizza option. So, in many of their locations now, you can get a gluten and dairy free pizza. My son is gun shy after years of cheese substitutes so he just eats the regular gluten free crust with sauce. That version is GFCF. Their location at Power and Queen Creek also has a little kids area, about half the restaurant with a pretend kitchen, play food, tables and chairs for kids and a big flat screen with cartoons on. Too cool! There are booths and tables for parents and it makes a dinner out very, very enjoyable, especially since we ALL get to eat the same food! So if you are local, I would highly recommend Barro's pizza, they use the Gluten Free Creations crusts!

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Matt and Brianna said...

The one on Power and Brown has it too. Tyla LOVES it!!