Sunday, May 16, 2010

More information on the dangers of soy

Once you mention that you or your family member does not eat or drink any dairy, the next thing that people say is "oh, so you use soy milk instead.". Or, I hear other people who say that they cannot drink dairy but instead use soy (which then makes me want to ask them if they still suffer from some of the same problems since many people find soy problematic because of their similar protein structures). We have avoided soy for a long time, I knew first hand what a thyroid dysrupter it could be when my friend (and own personal food guru) suffered thyroid issues as a result of soy intake. It can be especially problematic for children, and when you add the fact that most soy is genetically modified (GMO), it adds to the overall ICK factor I have with soy. If you don't know by now, genetically modified ingredients add to inflammation in the body. Inflammation is prevalent in many, many disorders we see today. Auto-immunity and inflammation are what I believe to be the heart of MOST disorders, including Autism as we have seen for my son. So, reducing inflammation and auto-immunity is key for us, and what I promote to friends and family suffering from things like diabetes, arthritis, etc. So when my Facebook friend Anne shared this link, I had to blog about it. Here is another article discussing yet another reason to avoid soy. Processing soy using a Hexane bath would not be my first inclination. We try and keep toxins out of our bodies, especially for my kiddo on the spectrum who has problems detoxing the way we are meant to. The link is below and you can scroll to the bottom and either read the full report or the summary, your choice. But, it highlights other soy products out (including the ever popular veggie burgers) that are processed with this chemical. And this reinforces my encouragement to all of you, to be sure about what you are eating, MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD! There are some fabulous veggie burger recipes on the web. They are chock full of protein, taste great and are SOY FREE! And if you can, start your own garden, no matter how small. Not only will you gain satisfaction out of it, you will know exactly where your food comes from and what (or what NOT) was used on the plants. And the Town of Gilbert will give you a free compost bin. So, now you can reduce your trash waste, give back to the environment and make your own nutrients to help nourish that garden. But in the meantime, you may want to check those labels again and just educate yourself on soy and how it may be processed!

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