Monday, May 3, 2010

TACA real help now conference

What another great TACA event! This past weeked TACA held their Real Help Now conference in Foothill Ranch, Ca. It was very well attended and had phenomenal speakers. My husband was able to come with me which was so cool. We sat in on about 20 minutes of Dr. Kartzinel's talk and that was about it. My throat was so sore from talking and my feet beat from standing. I always love talking to other parents about Autism and their journey. Many of the parents were just starting biomed and so we got to share our story and our son's success with biomed. There were biomed "veterens" there too and I always come back with new knowledge from speaking with them. I wish I could have heard Dr. Usman's talk on biofilms. She stopped by our booth so I spoke with her about several things, including homeopathy which she uses in her practice. And as always it was SO great to see the TACA members, they are always so welcoming, so supportive and so awesome!! So, if you haven't been to a TACA event, check your local area for a group. Or if you live in Southern California, you must hook up with the chapters there. TACA's next even is their family picnic in June, I hear that is a blast.

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