Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Link between gluten sensitivity and selenium deficiency

In one of my previous blogs I talked about the role of Selenium in my husband's eczema healing. He has had extensive issues with eczema on his hands. His hands have been cracked open, bleeding, peeling and itching. This was severe eczema with no treatment proving helpful, including homeopathy. When our chiropractor mentioned Selenium, we went home and began giving him Brazil nuts. Now, there can be a big disparity in sources of dietary Selenium and the soil in which things are grown will be a huge factor in the amount of Selenium in the products, so just be aware of that. HERE is a great site describing more about the role of Selenium in our health, dietary sources, the differences in different soils, etc. We always have organic, raw Brazil nuts on hand (found at our local Whole Foods market). So with adding in Selenium, his hands got much, much better. And when we removed gluten from my daughter's diet when she was just a couple of years old, her eczema on her little feet cleared up immediately. All of these things are clicking for me now as I read this information, especially given Selenium's role in our skin health. So, here is another article discussing the role of gluten and its impact on our thyroid and overall health, and also the importance of Selenium. This could be an even bigger issue if you regularly consume gluten. So, please check out this great article HERE.


Shari Goodman said...

That is interesting. How much selenium are you giving Matthew daily or are you still just giving him the Brazil nuts?

Shari Goodman said...

Just remembering a couple years ago when Tate had terrible eczema, he tested very low for selenium. I started putting raw mushrooms in his smoothie since mushrooms contain a huge amount of selenium. Forgot all about that! He no longer has eczema at all.

Terri Burges Hirning said...

The kids each get 1 Brazil nut daily. For Eric, I am doing 400 mcg of Selenium in a supplement. I just want to be a little more sure of his dose since it is higher than the standard RDA. Once we get this resolved, I will move to just using Brazil nuts for him as well.