Thursday, December 9, 2010

More immune systems tid bits

Here is a great article on growing your own superfoods as well as a source for buying the seeds. Preparedness is key, in any event and in any economy. But the world in which we live now, I feel it is even more important to take some common sense precautions. Understanding what herbs and supplements can help protect your body is one of the most important things we can do to protect our health, in any event. And, the ability to grow our own food and herbs that support that health is a right which we all have and many don't take advantage of. Gardens can be grown anywhere, even in doors. You can use containers, elaborate raised beds, we've even started seedlings in an old plastic bottle that we cut in half! It takes a little effort but the rewards are great.

And, here is a good article on how we overdone it on antibacterial everything. Unless you live in a hospital, you probably don't need to antibacterial wipe everything you own or come in contact with, just sayin'. I am a recovered germaphobe and understanding how the immune system works (and gets stronger) helped cure me of my antibacterial wipes addiction. Add to that the fact that we are contributing to super bugs that are resistant (not to mention exposing ourselves to chemicals which our bodies don't always know what to do with) and the use of these wipes can pose more problems than cures.

But what does work to help prevent getting sick (and remember our bodies NEED to get sick occasionally, that is how our body gets stronger!) is to get good nutrition, cut the sugar, reduce stress, get your sleep and add in some supplements. I have blogged a lot about vitamin D3, here is another article on the importance of D3.


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