Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our experience with Homeopathy for Autism, day 4 of the remedy

We started our remedy, just one drop of 1 pill diluted in 1 tbsp water, on Sunday. Since then, it really has been a roller coaster. Yesterday I was beginning to think this was just NOT working. What I had was a screaming, crying mess on my hands who wanted everything HIS way and right NOW! Wow, blast from the past. Then this morning we went out delivering our little goodies to our neighbors. My step-daughter had started to come down with the flu on Tuesday so I pulled out my "doctor Mom" arsenal of supplements, took a "chill day" yesterday and today she is just fine! So we were ready to get those treats delivered! We walked through our neighborhood and I began to notice something very, very different. My son had a pep in his step and more than that he was in FRONT of us! This is HUGE. One of the big things that Pierre Fontaine kept coming back to was about my son's way of walking as if his feet were planted in cement. I have attributed that to his mitochondrial issues and not getting enough energy to those muscles. I often think that my son does not have a "hurry" button. He has one speed, SLOW. My daughter who is 4 is always yelling "He's not keeping up!!!". He usually trails behind and then I need to take his hand so that he can keep up with us. Today he was leading, the whole time. He made it back home before my step-daughter and I did. Holy cow!! Now that is something I have never seen before!!!

I also covered the issue of my son's immediate transition from "I have a need that must be met" to "This need has to be met NOW, I don't care what you have going on!!" with Pierre and we spent a lot of time talking about that. Maybe that healing regression is what we have been seeing with the meltdowns and frustrations that have been higher than normal since starting the remedy. I do see greater clarity in his eyes. There have always been days where he has been "on" and very clear and since starting the remedy, even though he has been ornery as heck, that clarity is there. Then this morning my husband is talking about my son wanting a ball for Christmas and he says "That's PLURAL, ballSSSSSSS". That was pretty funny. So, that's where we are on day 4. I will keep blogging on how things are going as we progress!


Aspiring Earth Mama said...

Please share what remedy you are using if you don't mind. I use homeopathy all the time and was wanting to use it for my son who has quite a few autistic traits but has never officially been diagnosed. We don't have 1 homeopath in Oklahoma or I would have taken him to see someone. I have had so much success w/ homeopathy, I love it.

Terri Burges Hirning said...

You know, I really debated sharing the remedy. My only concern with sharing it in the original post was that people who do not understand the unique, personality driven aspects of homeopathy would try this remedy and not see results and therefore think it does not work. We were prescribed Rhus Toxicodendron. My son is very irritable, anxious, has had chicken pox twice and is very, very slow so it was an obvious choice for him. Just so you know, we are seeing Pierre Fontaine from New York via Skype! That is always an option if you'd like!

Aspiring Earth Mama said...

I completely understand and figured why you didn't share it originally. Feel free to delete your above comment if needed. I have rhus tox already that I used w/ my son all the time b/c he would have horrible reactions to mosquito bites and I would have to dissolve the tablets and apply them directly. I will have to check that guy out, that would be great. I'd like to use him for myself as well.