Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adrenal Support and Autism

As I was writing a blog post for Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) which can be read here, it set off bells in my own head. While I have been taking AdrenalEssence for my own adrenals, I have not been giving it to my son. As an Autism parent, I have faced chronic sleep deprivation, heightened stress response, almost constant "flight or fight", etc. I know that my adrenals need a little love and attention but when I read the article that I posted in the IMMH blog, it clicked that my son probably needs adrenal support as well!

As we've progressed in our Autism recovery, anxiety is still one of the things that remains. GABA, Theanine and Inositol are daily supplements along with others for mito support, methylation support, inflammation, etc. But still the anxiety persists, just not at a level where it used to be. So, could adding in some adrenal support help? With all of HIS stress and anyone who knows and loves a child with Autism can attest, just feel their heart when they are in meltdown mode, I am sure his stress hormones are overactive and then there is the data discussing the role of gut dysbiosis (like clostridia) with receptors and neurotransmitters.

I decided to start giving him one capsule of AdrenalEssence. As I gave it to him at lunch he said "Will this help with my anxiety?". What?!?!? Are you even kidding me????? My son astounds me with his intuition. He is used to me giving him all sorts of things and we usually talk about it but this time I just told him it was an adrenal support. HE came up with the anxiety connection all on his own. And most times, we don't talk about managing his anxiety, healing his gut is commonly cited as for why he must take something. This kid amazes me, he really does. So, we are just on day 3 of adrenal support but I will keep blogging on it.

Also next up I will be doing a series on eating healthy wherever you are. As we face a crisis with obesity in this country, I have spent a lot of time wondering why. And a large part of me thinks it has to do with education and using what you have available. I know in some parts of the country, specialty and health food stores just don't exist or are scarce. So, I am going to be hitting up everyday stores like Wal-Mart and showing people healthier choices with what you have to work with. I will be highlighting what to avoid (sometimes THAT is more important that what to choose!) and why. So stay tuned and check back. We will be going on vacation so I will have the opportunity to work with this personally! There ARE healthy choices, hint fresh veggies (avoid ALL CORN unless organic), fruit and meats. Organic is best but sometimes you have to go with what is available. So we will cover what to avoid and what options ARE out there for EVERYONE.


Pam said...

Hi Terri--I'll be anxious to hear how this works for your son...we are working on anxiety issues as well, and as he hits puberty, it has increased. Trying a few different methods, but always willing to try new. Good luck!! Pam

janine said...

Such a hit and miss with our kids at times. My 7 yr old's anxiety seemed to decrease after taking away all his supplements, and only giving cetrizine dyhydrochloride, a tablet used for hayfever over here. It seems as if environmental allergies increased his hyperactivity and anxiety. Ill have to introduce his supplements one by one again to make sure all's ok again. Good luck with the adrenal essence.