Monday, July 8, 2013

Autism Recovery with Gluten and Dairy Free Diet

More research is confirming what many parents already know, that wheat (gluten) and dairy can really mess a child (or anybody) up. And low and behold, that when you remove these foods, many of the signs and symptoms of Autism can get better or even go away entirely. Autism parents have had to think outside of the box if they wanted to help their children get better. And I mean really get better, not just "therapized". Autism for my son was related to inflammation, auto-immunity, gut dysbiosis and food intolerances. Address these biomedical underlying issues and look at that, he got better. It really is not rocket science and yet so many physicians out there are missing the boat or worse steering parents away from some of these effective treatment options.

But, we are seeing science catch up. Many sit back and say "Duh, we knew that years ago". Yes, I agree but to see this in mainstream media is exciting. The more attention we can give to this topic then the more we can further move our cause.

So here is a recent news article featuring a child's recovery from Autism. Hurray! Let's get even more kids on the news, share even more stories of recovery. And if anyone wants to debate the "health" of gluten or dairy, just have then search NIH dbases. The scientific evidence is mounting that these things do not "do a body good" and are doing greater harm when it comes to auto-immune disorders (allergies, eczema, asthma, etc.). But in the meantime, keep sharing your stories, keep celebrating the progress of recovery and if you are new to Autism recovery, KEEP HOPING AND MOVING FORWARD!

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