Friday, March 7, 2008

Let's talk beef

So we've all pretty much heard the saying "corn fed beef" right? It usually is said with a level of pride attached, like that is the best. Well, I am here to dispell that myth. Cows aren't meant to digest corn, it ferements in their stomach, allows eColi to breed which then requires antibiotics. Yummy, huh? When you see "Corn Fed Beef" you know now, regardless of what the packaging says after that, they have been given antibiotics. And, many places will try and fool you by putting "grain fed" on the packaging, which usually means corn. And nowadays most of the corn is GMO anyways which is another level of eww for me. What you want to look for instead is grass fed beef. A brand that I buy is Laura's Beef, their site is here and their products can be found locally here in AZ at the Super Target stores and at some Fry's stores.

A brand that I have not tried yet but am eager to is Alder Springs. I am thinking of getting a group together to order one of their large packages, anyone interested in going in on it, let me know.

So avoid the hype over "corn fed" beef and save the antibiotics for when you want them and really need them, in a prescription bottle, not in your meat!

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