Thursday, March 6, 2008

Soy sorry to tell you this......

but if you are believing the hype and adding soy into your diet, you may want to reconsider. Here's a link from my dear friend Sunny's website She also has a seperate page just on the research to support the claims laid out on her page. You may be asking yourself "well, who is this Sunny person anyways?". She is a friend I met here in AZ who was instrumental in helping our family figure out what was going on with Matthew, getting services, changing our lives through better eating and health in general. She is an OT (occupational therapist), Reiki practitioner, Doula and childbirth educator. She also has degrees in health education, and more I cannot remember. In short, she is about the smartest person I know about food and health. Her OT background was with children on the Autism spectrum and sensory processing disorder. So she knows a lot about the neurological system and understands the intricate balance between our nutrition and neurological health (she is a raw foodist now by the way). I bow down to Sunny when it comes to all things nutrition! Anyways, read up, do your own Google searches. But please learn more about what soy does. Even plant based hormones are not good for us, even in small quantities. And please don't give your kids soy!! Remember, the more refined the product is the better, but chances are you are not going to find many well refined soy products because of cost and time involved.

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