Monday, March 17, 2008

What a week

So, in the past week I have:

* Had a bday
* Got a massage
* Pigged out on Pizza at Oregano's (and paid for it the next day)
* Started my BRICK workouts (Bike, Run, ick...) for the Triathlon, currently up to my total biking distance of 9 miles (even more sometimes) followed by a 1 mile run so far. Swimming is going great, that is the least of my worries now, I am now more worried about the run....
* Eric is gone again
* Not 20 minutes after he left Matthew started complaining of stomach ache, 2 hours later, began throwing up and kept throwing up all day. Typical. If you read my earlier post about his 1st ear infection you will know one of the kids ALWAYS gets sick or something happens around the house when Eric leaves.

Whew.....It has been busy. I officially signed up for the Triathlon as my 36th bday present to myself so I am committed now. I am excited that I am almost up to the bike/run portion. The 400 meter swim is actually pretty easy for me at this point, even though I was most worried about it. We rode to the chiropractor then Riparian Preserve then Fresh & Easy on Sunday. In total a 12 mile ride with Eric pulling the kids. A month ago I would NEVER have considered riding that long at one time, I am getting stronger and am so happy about that. Today I am going to ride the bike to the gym then do a 2 mile run and the 400 meter swim. That's my goal anyways. The ride will not be 9 miles (only about 5 or so) but if I can do at least 2 of the 3 events each day, I will be feeling great about the tri in April. If I do the run/swim and part of the ride today I think it will give me an idea of how ready I am.

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