Saturday, November 15, 2008

AUTISM ACTION PLAN is finally here!!!

Dr. Woeller's new Site, Autism Action Plan is finally up and running! I had the priviledge of being asked to preview the site and give feedback right after the DAN! conference and since then, I have been on just about every day. It is a wealth of knowledge as far as what testing is good if you want to follow a DAN! approach, how to get access to the tests you need, how to interperet the results when you get them, video blogs from Dr. Woeller on topics such as inflammation, yeast, bacteria, etc. that are common for children on the spectrum and even a parent chat forum. Up to meeting Dr. Woeller, most of my knowledge came from reading books and from other parents on message boards I was apart of. Some parents know more than mainstream doctors and can at least point you in the right direction. But, with Autism Action Plan, a real doctor is moderating the forum and responding to questions. It is like having your own DAN! doctor but at home! You can access the site 24/7 and get info that you need. Dr. Woeller will also be doing question and answer sessions via webcams so you can email in questions and he will respond to them via webcam at a certain day/time. This is a great resource for ANYONE doing or wanting to do biomed to help heal their child with Autism. I would highly reccomend this site for everyone following this path for their child, whether they have a DAN! doctor already or not. You do NOT have to be a patient of Dr. Woeller's to use this site. I always think it is good to hear other thoughts on the topic of biomed and see if you are getting all the latest info out there. This is another way to do this since in addition to Dr. Woeller, he will also have guest speakers in the DAN! community on to share new data about research and therapies. And if you cannot afford a DAN! doctor right now, this is a great happy medium. There is a cost to sign up ($97 one time fee) plus a monthly fee ($37) but you can cancel whenever you want. But, the info you will get will be WELL worth it.

Here is the email that was sent out to join and more info if you are so inclined.


To activate your membership, visit

About the "Autism Action Plan" group: Autism Action Plan is a comprehensive membership website for the biomedical assessment and treatment of autism. This is an educational website to empower parents, physicians and other healthcare practitioners about the benefits of biomedical intervention for children, teenagers and adults on the autism-spectrum. Directed by Dr. Kurt Woeller, the website takes his 11+ years of experience in treating autism and related disorders, (including ADD, ADHD, PDD, and Aspergers) and delivers these effective therapies and diagnostic tools to help parents treat their children.

Autism Action Plan is like having a biomedical autism doctor's private practice in your living room. Autism Action Plan contains step-by-step instructions, "how-to" videos, illustrative photographs and printable "follow along" guides. PLUS, Dr. Woeller gives LIVE video webinars each week, where members have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Woeller and ask specific question pertaining to their unique situations. In addition, there is a 12 Week Action Plan, a Parent Forum/Chat Room, Downloadable Prescription Forms, in-depth Lab Test Interpretations, access to Pharmacies, Lab Work, and Supplement companies who specialize in autism and related disorders.

Your membership gives you 24/7 access to this vital, yet easy-to-follow information needed to help reverse and potentially recover your child from the devastating effects of autism. For complete details about the "Autism Action Plan" group, visit

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