Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New organization

I added a link thing at the bottom which will help people access old posts by category. So, if you want to know more about dairy for example, you can scroll to the bottom and see what is there for dairy, or whatever other topic grabs your eye.

I wanted to do a recap before moving on. Here's what we focused on first for Matthew and Emma:
* Removing wheat, dairy and soy from Matthew's diet and Emma only gets good quality wheat and raw dairy and no soy
* Removing ALL trans fats including Canola oil (mainly switching to coconut oil)
* Removing all MSG (all 200 forms), artificial sweeteners, dyes and most preservatives
* Going mainly organic for them and definitely all organic meats and only grass fed beef
* Using safer shampoo and conditioners (no Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates and no parabens of any kind)
* Stop using so many plastics for their food/drinks
* Adding in fermented foods like coconut yogurt and Kombucha

Here's what WE have focused on:
* Switching to RAW cheese since that is the main source of dairy that remains in our diet and only then occasionally.
* Removing ALL trans fats including Canola oil
* Removing all MSG (all 200 forms), artificial sweeteners, dyes and preservatives (for the most part)
* Going mainly organic definitely all organic meats and only grass fed beef
* Getting rid of even more plastics
* Getting rid of teflon cookware
* Adding in Kombucha

This is just a quick list to capture some of the more important changes we've made. That way as I continue to talk about other things, you can at least see where we started and decide where you want to start in this process. I have not included a lot of the little things we've done along the way but this hits the big stuff. And, effectively wipes out a lot of food choices. As we went to Yuma it was pretty funny actually to stop at a little food mart for gas because it was pointless to look around at the "food" because we couldn't eat any of it. And once we got to the ball field it was the same way. Now, for Matthew this was critical and we are more lenient for ourselves, we all need some indulgences, but it has gotten so much easier not to eat the junk and not even miss it. But to see kids (even little ones) this weekend running around drinking their sodas, eating candy, dyes and MSG and artificial sweeteners really made me sad. I do not think my kids are "missing out". I think we've done a good job of finding or creating fun, yummy treats that are sweet but I can feel good about on occassion. They are out there, they may cost more or take time and energy to make but so worth it.

So what's coming up, a talk about supplements for ADHD that are AS EFFECTIVE as prescription meds and also a talk about water, what's safer for drinking and even what to think about for showering and bathing. We are still researching this one ourselves right now so I am working on it plus I will share the info I gathered from the DAN! conference.


Jane said...

Wow, you have really gone into healthy food in a big way! For folks who are newer to dietary changes, and want a simple first step, check out This is the web site for the nation's oldest support group for children with behavior and learning problems that are related to foods and food additives. There's lots of practical help from other parents who have "been there."

Endless Possibilities said...

Wow, you are awesome!

I don't eat gluten because I have celiac disease and I find it so challenging at times. You are so dedicated to autism for not only your son but others out there.

I will pass on your information and your blog link to my friends with autistic children.

The information on your blog is so valuable. I love your blog!

M and Ems Momma said...

Thanks Jane! I never really used the Feingold Site as a resource but I know others that have so thanks for the great link.

M and Ems Momma said...

Thanks so much Endless Possibilities! Your comments mean a lot and I am very glad you find my blog valuable!!!