Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just desserts

So today was pie and bread baking day. I approached the task of making a completely gluten, dairy and egg free pumpkin pie with enthusiasm and a little bit of skepticism, not sure what I would come out with. The results were wonderful (see previous posts for complete recipes). The pie crust came out just a well as one made with wheat I thought. Sure, I couldn't just run to any ole store and grab a frozen crust for my pie but these days I am less apt to reach for ready made products anyways, once I read the label that is. (* Note to self, start baking company that specializes in healthy GCFCEF pie crusts that are ready made!!!) So, for the same time and effort as making a wheat based pie crust, this one came out great. The filling was super easy to do, just like a normal pumpkin pie like I always are pictures and I will give taster's reactions (i.e. my kids and husband) sometime this weekened. The kids sure were eager to dig in though once they found out what I was making. Boy did my house smell good too. The bread is also baked for the stuffing. I did use the Namaste mix and made it into a loaf shape and will also make up another batch for rolls tomorrow. One bag can make 2 batches of bread so it worked well. Tomorrow I tackle the rest of the stuff but I was bouyed up by my pie success. At least that is a good omen right? And if all else fails, we have dessert to look forward too! :) I love stuffing so that will be the real trick for me. The turkey and the potatoes are old hat, not too worried there but the stuffing and pie had me worried a bit. With one down, I am feeling good. So off to get a good nights sleep to prepare for the day of cooking ahead.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy friends and family, get a chance to relax a little at least and of course, enjoy a great piece of pie! I am thankful for ALL of the blessings in my life, and that means you, my blog readers....Enjoy this very special day!!

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