Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving update

I wanted to update everyone on our Thanksgiving GFCF-ness. It was a success in general but here's the skinny:

I loved the potatoes, the turkey, the gravy and the pie. I was less fond of the stuffing and the rolls but I am a HUGE stovertop fan (yes I know, its the MSG, I cannot help myself) and I am not a big fan of rolls anyways so my viewpoint may be skewed. My husband LOVES rolls and he really liked the Namaste mix and also the stuffing. So, from the adult perspective, there you have it, I would say success. The kids loved everything and yet hardly ate a thing because they were so excited. I think what Matthew loved most was being ABLE to eat anything. And the kids loved being able to drink their water with a splash of apple juice in cute little glasses. Here are a few pictures of the day, including one of Matthew saying "cheers". My kids don't get apple juice too often (feeds yeast) so even the slight dash of it to give the water color and a bit of sweetness was a special treat, and the glasses just added to it. I remember my grandmother letting me and my cousin drink juice from the special glasses she had when I was a kid and just how special that made me feel, I even still have "my" glass, she gave it to me at my baby shower for Matthew and it immediately brought tears to my eyes remembering those wonderful memories. Now that she is gone I love passing down that bit of special-ness to my kids. I hope your Thanksgiving was just as special!

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