Saturday, December 27, 2008

Charcoal, it is not just for BBQ-ing anymore.

From the annals of "betcha didn't know this" comes an article on Activated Charcoal. We've used activated charcoal for yeast die off, iffy dietary infractions, etc. If we think there is a back log of junk trying to get out of M's system we will do some activated charcoal along with mag citrate (charcoal can be constipating so the mag helps keep things moving). However, I just read an article in the New Beginnings newsletter that expounds on the wonders of activated charcoal. Did you know that it can help with stomach flu, food poisoning and diarrhea?? Me either but I am glad I do now! Evidently it absorbs the toxins released from the bugs that cause these ailments and quickly helps resolve the problems. "Its the most awful time of year" for illness so if these yucky bugs hit your house, you may want to have some activated charcoal on hand.

The way activated charcoal works is when it is "activated" that process creates tiny holes or caves in the charcoal. These holes appear to have electrostatic properties and when they come into contact with noxious chemicals (toxins) they are drawn up into the spaces and bound which makes them less harmful to the individual. Pretty cool, huh? I see a big difference in M when he needs the charcoal and we give it to him. The next day he is SO much better. But, it can absorb supplements so you want to do it 2 hours away from supplements. We usually give at bedtime and we have to break it open and syringe it in. It is black and we make sure we have water handy for him to rinse his mouth since his teeth will be black after, even after mixing with water or juice. I can't recall M's dosage but this article states 2 caps (260 mg per cap) 3 times daily for an adult, more in the case of poisoning. It won't work for everything (like strong acids, alkalis, alcohol and petroleum type substances). And this is not an everyday kind of supplement. We use it once in a while, as needed and again, with mag citrate to avoid constipation! It can also be used in a poultice for bites and stings to take the sting and itch out, disinfect and deoderize wounds, it can even absorb the poison from spider and snake bites. So, I hope that helps, I hear the stomach bug is going around so it may be well worth it to you to keep this little gem in your medicine cabinet!

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