Saturday, November 8, 2008

Greetings....from Yuma

Yes you read that right, Yuma. We are here meeting my dad and family for my sister's baseball tournament. My mother in law also drove out to visit and see the kids. It is 8:50 pm and both kids are happily tucked away and alseep. Now why is this a big deal? Well for one, my 2 year old missed her nap. My son already had routine issues and needs structure, of which we have had none today. We been in the car and then at a ball field and then back to the hotel and then to Red Lobster and now back at the hotel and everyone is settled with nary a tantrum. Simply amazing for this family. My son was around lots of people, many whom he does not know and he was busy greeting people on the ball field. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table at Red Lobster that could accomodate all 10 of us and he handled it with no qualms, even though it was actually close to his bedtime. And, Red Lobster actually really impressed me tonight. I called the waiter over to discuss their menu and see what they had that was GFCF (which appeared to be nothing). Once I mentioned food issues he immediately said his manager had to be involved from this point and she could walk us through what options we had and would clear an area of the grill to be sanitized for Matthew's food. We ordered grilled chicken and a plain garden salad no croutons. Matthew had a BLAST at dinner. He was chatting nonstop and not one tantrum or sensory overload meltdown, none. I still don't know if I believe it! So, kudos to Red Lobster. Shows you how often we get out to eat, like never. We did run through In and Out for a hamburger patty and fries since they are safe but the child still ate a whole chicken breast and salad on top of that. What a pleasant change from some of our previous overnight outings. Now albeit he is alseep on the king bed in the bedroom while my husband and I "cuddle" on the pull out sofa sleeper in the living room next to my daughter's pack and play (which she is probably too big for but hey, its working for the moment). But all in all, a successful day, now my back will be a whole other topic tomorrow morning....

On to the topic of cooking apparatus. I am so pleased that one of my dearest friends (since Jr. high school) piped up with answers to some of our compelling cookware questions. She is an attorney who moonlighted at Sur La Table (in her free time, lol) at some point in time, somewhere around my wedding if I remember correctly. I appreciate the prompt info and will pass it on here:
The question was about non-stick cookware and there was a question about the Calphalon products with their "electronic bath".

Answer from Elan: Hi there. Just wanted to add my 2 cents. Previously, I worked at Sur La Table, and through them got a lot of cooking education particularly on products. So I thought I would just share this about the Calphalon. There are two versions, the non-stick which is covered with Teflon (or it's equivalent); there is also the non-stick, which is more acurately called stick resistant, which is an iodized aluminum. That's the one with the electronic bath. That product doesn't contain a Teflon cooking surface, and if you aren't careful, things will actually stick to it like any other pan. Of course, there are different opinions on cooking on alumninum or not, but we will leave that for another post. Personally, I love my All Clad and my stainless lined copper pots and threw out my Calphalon, when I learned that it was only stick resistant and a lot of work to clean.

This question was about a griddle or grill that was not covered in Teflon.

Answer from Elan: Ok, so I don't know what kind of grill and/or griddle you have, but I can tell you what you should get after reading your post. Le Crueset. They have a two burner grill on one side, griddle on the other. It's cast iron, but won't need seasoning because it's covered in enamel. Once you switch to enamel covered case iron, you will love it. All the best of cast iron, but the cleaning ease of All Clad. The enamel makes it soooo very easy to clean and elimanates the need for "seasoning." After four years at Sur La Table, I can almost recommend cooking implements for every occasion.
OK so now we know what will be on many holiday wish lists this year, including mine. Thanks Elan, love the info and please keep it coming about safe and efficient cookware and products. You can be our resident cookware afficianado (among other things). Although hopefully I won't be needing any legal advice anytime soon so we'll stick with the cooking stuff, ok? And I am so glad to hear the All Clad is a keeper, my pocket book thanks you!

Well, off to a lovely night sleep on this sofa bed. But, looking forward to what tomorrow brings for us all!! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.....

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