Thursday, February 5, 2009

More immune boosters

There are so many things I forgot in my very looong post about immune system boosters. A few more natural, remedies, antivirals and antibacterials are:

1) High dose Vitamin C - like grams, keep dosing until bowels start to loosen
2) Olive Leaf extract - very good antiviral, here is more info on it:
3) Vitamin D - get out into the sunlight. 15 minutes in prime daylight (10 am - 2 pm) can go a long way to boosting your immune system.
4) Elderberry syrup - very effective against the flu, 1 tsp up to 6 times per day
5) Vitamin A - very good for respiratory issues (and also skin issues like eczema). However, vitamin A is fat soluble which means you need a doctor to recommend dosages because you CAN get too much. And it is recommended that you have an accurate amount of vitamin D with Vitamin A. Getting a good quality Cod Liver Oil - like Carlson's brand - is a GREAT start. It has the right ratios of D to A plus all the awesome Omega's your body/brain needs!!
6) Epsom salt soaks - if you have swollen lymph nodes in your throat/neck, soaking JUST your feet in epsom salts will draw the toxins down and relieve the backlog in your higher nodes and keeps things flowing, relieving some of the discomfort and releasing those toxins and clearing them out. Regular soaks in epsom salts is a GREAT way to detox your body everyday and increase your sulfation.

These are safe, no worries about over dose (except Vit A), and readily available (cheap too!!).

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Tiff Hunt said...

Where do you find most of these vitamins? I have heard that buying them at places like Wal-Mart isn't the best idea. Is that true? if it is, where do I go? What brands are acceptable? I hope my questions aren't dumb and they aren't annoying. I am learning so much and loving it!

Tiffany a.k.a huntfamily03

P.S. Thanks so much for all this information. It's so awesome. If you have any advice to get my husband on board, that would be great too!